Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My year in status on FB

0. why is Alexa Fong tagging me in the food pics?? hmmmm

1. Sue Ngee what do you think of Sony Nex 5?? =p

2. where will u be when the clock strikes 12 tonight?

3. 2011.. I proclaim you to be a year of awesome ness not just for me but for everyone else!! =) and CNY... here I come! *leaps of joy*

4. Saw this on Jenny Sun's FB and I think it's a good reflection... Describe your 2010 in one single word

5. wonders why m i being tagged in clothes pics?


7. Someone wants to walk around in carindale cos they close at 12am but I want to head home to watch movie!!!

8. 2 days till Christmas and 9 days till 2011... ARE YOU READY??!!

9. home is where u r...

10. CNY!! here i come... =D

11. craving for roti canai... sing k... movies... family and girl time!!

12. "A Siamese country where everyone wears mini shorts is called Thighland." wahahha

13. Another one... "A Siamese sanitary towel is called Pad Thai."

14. reading funny quotes from pp like u n me from someone's tumblr... "7 days without lame jokes makes one weak."

15. 10days to Christmas... what shall we do?

16. the things us, girls do/eat when the bfs/hubby is not around... =p

17. I WILL BE COMPLETELY HONEST FOR THE NEXT 24HOURS! You can ask me one question (only in my inbox). Any question no matter how crazy, sinister, or wrong it is. I WILL answer no matterwhat. You have my FULL honesty, but I DARE you to put this as your status and see what questions you get .. =p

18. hmmm.. i have a voucher for a hair do.. blonde/brown/auburn streeks? short do? ready for disaster...

19. thanks Hui Ni Tan for the Christmas tree!!! Muaks!! XOXO

20. i dunno why but just reading about this dude offing himself for losing a girl\'s love just irks the toot out of me...

21. no offense but committing suicide and pasting your suicide note on FB and all because of a lost love is just absurd! and nary a thought for those u leave behind! u can RIP but how about those u left behind?

22. feels like hitting somebody...

23. is looking and filling up forms till my eyes are crossed... almost.

24. Hi all! Change your FB profile picture to a cartoon character from your childhood. The goal? To not see a human face on FB till Monday, December 6th. Join the fight against child abuse, copy & paste to your status and invite your friends to do the same!

25. bimbo moment: i want to marry lee hom cos he is SO cute ! wahahaha

26. should i go home for a few weeks?

27. it'll be raining for a week till summer arrives and i dread that particular season... heat and me just don't mash

28. so much to do.. if only this sickness will SHOO!! pweety pls

29. i mish u guys.. if only u know how much... =) distance is nothing to me and i hope u guys will try to keep in touch as much as u can.. =p

30. it's not fun being sick.. especially when ur mummy's not around!!

31. xbox 360 with kinect sensor!!! woohooo

32. reading snail mails and emails makes me happy... =D

33. Don't "Like" the 2 photos in my Mish Mash album but head over to Jenny Sun Photography, add her as your friend (if she isn't already) and head over to her photos and "like" mine! =) Toodles

34. to post or keep it personal? hmmmm

35. many getting engaged this past few months, so 2011 and 2012 will be filled with wedding bells??!

36. i have a crazy cousin.. his name is Jacob Fong and anyone who agrees say YAY!

37. a person can only take so much.. so, don't push them over the cliff!

38. is up when all I wish is that I am tuckered back in bed...

39. unfortunately, some friendships are probably best to let go

40. now from engagement and marriage... my friends are pregnant.. what next?

41. everyone has their niche... what's mine?

42. feeling antisocial

43. the good thing about being here is, that I am learning to trust You and have faith in You but You do make it really tough... oh so very tough... but I guess, with you, nothing is impossible...

44. curious.. if u deleted someone from ur windows live msgr, will they be notified? and can they still msg u?

45. i m my own greatest critic

46. anyone wanna send me present?? PM me and i'll give u my add.. muahaha

47. thank you everybody for the birthday wishes!! =)

48. wonders when r my friends migrating to Brisbane....

49. is emoing to Jay and Lee Hom... not good.

50. If it’s love, and we’re two birds of a feather, then the rest is just whenever

51. like me or hate me.. but don't leave me hanging =p

52. miss TGIF feeling and badminton night!

53. home is where the heart is... so where's my heart?

54. needs new songs on my playlist.. any recommendations?

55. wonders what will happen in 10 days time...

56. Miss karaoke with u ...:p

57. Don't want trick or treats!!!!! Anyone who tries to scare me, there ll be hell to pay..

58. =(

59. we live and we learn- to take one step at a time

60. this is why i hesitate to call always and anytime

61. Wonders what happened??

62. i am so square you can see the edges around me =(

63. where do I even begin??

64. I am missing you... you know who you are... wonder if you miss me too... *oooh drama*

65. wonders if this is the season to be engaged? =p

66. is blue blue blue and ironically the sun is shining brightly today... for once.

67. ssshhhhh... saw a cute guy at ANZ just now

68. what does one wear to a 1920's gangster bday party?? Hmmmmm

69. the sun is up and so am i

70. slept at 3am and woke up at 3pm

71. everything seems to have changed... have i?

72. i wanna go home!!! pweet pls? =p

73. it's Spring but it's cold like Winter plus the rain

74. =) yet =( if that makes any sense

75. why must there be a baggage limit?ish... there isn't a weight limit for a human to board the plane =p

76. is looking forward to sing k.... =p

77. hope u guys enjoyed urself.. really sorry i couldn't talk to everyone nor invited everyone

78. stubbed my poor lil toe... omen of things to come?

79. wonders why am i getting tagged by ppl i dunno- clothes related FB pp

80. It is not our circumstances that create our discontent or contentment. It is us. -Vivian Greene

81. not going to be at anyone's beck n call

82. i want to eat the famous Seremban roti bakar Ruth Ng Chin Chin keeps raving about!!

83. if u had another chance to do it all over again, would u?

84. somethings are sometimes better left unsaid. no point chasing something that might very well be nothing.

85. thank God for rains.. *hehe*

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suerrealis said...

.after a year i still have no opinion of the nex 5 ! xD