Sunday, January 30, 2011

Note to self

This is in regards to a particular someone... I love you but you really make it hard to these days. My theory is that aliens abducted the real you and replaced you with an irrational, hurtful robot!

Little things to try to remember and hopefully... this CNY will be a pleasant one.

1. Be positive and not let other's negativity bring me down!

2. Keep opinions to self when all rational conversation is OBVIOUSLY not possible. EVER!

3. Stay strong and not cower or back down from my stand.

4. Do whatever that I can- that is within my capabilities and strength.

5. Input anything that is good but NEVER let any negative vibes penetrate!

6. Less venting despite the need to let go and a certain someone making it really hard.

7. Keep reminding self that despite certain people's words and actions, they love me and vice versa.

8. Appreciate the little things in life and the little things people do irregardless of how insignificant it may seem to be.

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