Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lost and found

"There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends."
John 15:13

Last week, something somehow compelled me to send an email to a friend. Ok. It may seem corny but I think God was the one that planted it in my head whilst I was bathing. The thought just came out of nowhere.

This friend and I go a long way back right up to SAM year. We've been classmates in SAM year, in Uni and even colleagues for several years! Despite my changing subjects and class in SAM year, despite her leaving for Australia during Uni years, we've somehow kept in touch.

However, it's been awhile now since we've both grown apart. I can't really say it's totally her fault or even hers at all but on my end, I would say it was because I held a grudge. I am not proud of it and truth be told, I have very high expectations of people. And because I am the kind of person who keeps in touch and goes the extra mile for people, I kind of expect people to do the same.

I held a grudge because was hurt. I was hurt because I felt that she was closer to others, that she made the effort to keep in touch with others but not me and I felt slighted and forgotten. I forgot what it means to be a real friend.

And it's not something most of us are, a real friend. Being a true and sincere friend requires us not to be inward looking but to always think about the other person. That also means going the extra mile for others even if they don't see it, even if they don't appreciate it and even if they don't want it!

I realised that this friend has been there for me at some point or other in my life. It may not have been the way I wanted her to be there for me or when I needed her to be, but the fact remains that she has. At work, we'll pour our hearts to each other and she'd organise birthday presents and dinner for me.

Maybe she held back a lot from me and I felt it. On the other hand, so did I. I guess like I've mentioned before, due to my 'goody two shoes' reputation and reserved nature in the past, it's not very easy to talk to me without feeling a certain sense of judgment (even if I really don't judge) and I wasn't exactly Miss Fun.

But I am glad that I sent that apologetic email and I mean every word from the recess of my heart. I hope that we can pick up our friendship from before and mend the cracks. Hopefully, our friendship will strengthen and be even more than before but let's not get ahead of ourselves, knowing me and my expectations (something I am learning to manage and boy is it tough!).

First steps first, I'll reply your email come Monday and we shall take it one step at a time from there.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Salad and gastronomic sausages!

After a whole week of being out and eating out, we decided to cook a simple meal at home. There were lots of salads left back from our BBQ/western dinner from Wednesday. We did the salad and potatoes just the way my sister's friend, Mr. Panda did it that night.

From trying not to share too much, I tend to miss out mentioning certain people and events leading this to be a jumbled up blog depicting me - all over the place. =p Sometimes, I don't want people to know too much and sometimes, I over share, especially when I am in that emotional state known as 'emoing'.

Anyways, I forgot to mention in my earlier posts that my mum and brother came to Melbourne to visit me three weeks back. They have come and gone back whilst my sister came a week ago and is now away for a retreat.

I was really looking forward to my family visiting but unfortunately, there were lots of dramas and stressful events due to a particular someone that kind of ruined the whole I-am-excited-they're-here feeling.

But truth be told, it wasn't all bad. No family is perfect and some people have worst experiences. I enjoyed the trip to Ballarat, Phillips Island and city to see Eureka Skydeck and Melbourne Aquarium last week curtesy of Aunty M which will be blogged about in due time.

Mr. C and I enjoyed hosting my brother, sister and Mr. Panda at our humble home, and yes... I know I've yet to blog about it, too. Man, I really need to tell my stories in chronology order!

Anyhow, back to Saturday dinner where see me, Mr. C and my sis - Ruthie, preparing dinner. It was simple and yet delightful!

Healthy food - lettuce with tomatoes, avocadoes sprinkled with shredded carrot

Baked potatoes - firstly boiled, than coated with olive oil and dashes of salt

Our landlord who was around, was kind enough to show us how to start the fireplace and boy,
did it make the place warm and toasty!

Mr. C in the courtyard bbq-ing the lamb, pork cutlets and beef sausages

End result of the salad with additional toppings - grated cheddar cheese and mushrooms

Sinfully fattening meat

BBQ marinated lamb ribs for only AUD7 at Coles!

Our simple dinner - healthy salad offsetting the unhealthy meat!

I had to be attentive by the oven - changing the potatoes to different sides so that each side is crispy and golden brown. Requires patience... more worth it if I had made more potatoes!

I have decided not to post a picture of Ruthie enjoying her Sparking White with her pinkie upright. I might have posted pictures of her before but I think it's best to post less pictures of my family especially when it's posted without their consent.
On a different topic, did you know that there is a story to the word 'Champagne' and that in Australia (or perhaps everywhere else) it's known as Sparkling White (for white wine) unless it's under the Champagne brand.
Lastly, a typical sticking-my-tongue-out picture of me with my blue nails! Outrageously blue that screams for attention and I like it! It's funky and it's supposedly a trend to wear these kind of colours on one's nails!

I never used to post ANY pictures of myself but have changed my mind in the past year due to several reasons though I hope it doesn't come back to haunt me in the future! =)

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Glen : Claypot King

Ever since reaching Melbourne, Mr. C and I go to The Glen for when we have cravings for Malaysian food. I usually crave for either Hokkien Mee or Wah Tan Hor. We've tried Grand Tofu and Petaling Street (which I've yet to blogged about) but we like Claypot King, which was initially first intro-ed by NiNi and her boy boy.

In the first week of May, after my girly day out with NiNi, Mr. C, Jo and I went to Glen Waverly for dinner. Glen is an area where you will find lots of Asian food and even places to sing Karaoke! Which reminds me, got to check them out one of these days...

We managed to get a seat outside as it was pretty packed that Saturday night...

From the outside looking in...

Wonderful heater for those who can't tahan the cold weather!

Claypot King at 72, Kingsway, Glen Waverly, Victoria, has two other shops in Box Hill and the city!

Menu shows that they serve pretty authentic Asian/Malaysian food.

Testing out the panoramic function on my Nex 3 - supposed to be famous for it!

Pretty much similar to our claypot chicken rice but the taste is different somehow - less tasty but still good nonetheless!

Good portion of meat for those who must have chunks of meat and rice, definitely a feeling and good meal to have!

This Hokkien mee definitely beats the one at Petaling Street (a shop in Glen, too) ,
pretty much similar to the ones back home in Malaysia!

Jo ordered this Siew Yoke dish... according to him, it is tasty but a tad too oily!

Looks yummy though...

After this wonderful meal, we left and walked back to the car. However, I realised that I left my Nex3 back at the shop on the table!! We hurriedly walked back to the shop whilst my heart pounded with trepidation that the newly bought camera might be lost... forever!

But this being Australia, even in the so-called-Asian area, the staff kept my camera safely and returned it to me much to my heartfelt gratitude! Mr. C, too was really nice not to scold me (especially since this is an early anniversary gift from him to me!) and that's what I really appreciate about him. =)

Overall, the food at Claypot King in Glen is good. I like the service too especially the white haired uncle. I do try to practice my retarded Mandarin skills every now and then. It's the same everywhere, you'll find you have the good and the bad.

Occasionally, you'll get the not-so-friendly staff on their bad days. Even so, I will definitely head back there every once in awhile as the overall dining experience is enjoyable. I even brought my mum there just last week!

So, now you know where to go in Melbourne when you have cravings for some good Asian food!

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Still a boy at heart

We paid AUD5 for a little boy to indulge in this game...

hoping for something but...

did we get anything??

Apparently not!

AUD5 = No chocolates but 5 minute fun

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Kooky Pics #431 The neighbours

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Wounded and defeated

"He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds."
Psalm 147:3

Right now, I feel like everything is pointless. I am wounded up so tightly, I could explode into a gazillion pieces. The feeling is inevitable after hearing someone's opinion of me which has no basis and truth to it. It leaves me feeling as if I have to pay for the sins of others and also the result of that person's own prejudice.

The whole situation doesn't seem fair to me but then again, when has life ever been fair?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Easter holidays : Miss Marple at Dandenong

This is a continuation from my previous EASTER post on AhLih's trip to Melbourne. In due time, we reached Mt. Dandenong or rather Sassafras, a small town in the Dandenong Ranges. This is going to be more of a picture post with some commentaries underneath each picture.

sky is always beautiful here in Australia

A unprepared-looking picture of me beside the signboard...

The main reason people come here is to go to Miss Marple... WHY??! you may ask...

People come here for the shop's famous scones!

But you should be here before 11am if you don't want the hassle of having to queue...
after 11am, there's ALWAYS a queue especially weekends and public holidays!

Since we were late, we had to wait for 15minutes.
Hence, we decided to walk around the area where there's one to two rows of shops.

Ooooh can't wait to have some $$ to collect all these quaint looking tea pots.
I do drink coffee but am more of a tea drinker!

and how can anyone say 'NO' to these adorable and quaint pots?!

will definitely need to have lots of cupboard spaces for these collections though...

oooh... my eyes are on the ladybug one!!

AhLih and Mr. C

There are just so many picturesque photos waiting to be captured...

There were a few antique shops... it's a favourite here in Australia - antique shops.

ahhh... one of my better works.. =p

poor doggie we saw, shivering... on closer inspection, you can see the dog shaking... poor thing

We didn't go up the stairs but just took a picture here as the arch looked quaint...

Maybe you can try the food here next time and let me know how it turns out...

More random shots...

and still learning angles and editting...

So, now you know who is MISS MARPLE...

Super adorable and sweet NiNi!!

The English... quaint ambiance.

The scones... a MUST HAVE!!

Me with the menu... always take pictures of self at places you've visited to help jog your memory when your brain's all fried up and slipping...

Soup of the day : Slurpilicious Pumpkin

Some chicken fingers with sprouts

Bread and awesome butter that came with the soup

The scones were good but...

it was the butter and..

the whip cream AND the strawberry jam that made it phenomenal!!

the cream was super light and fluffy! Definitely doesn't make you feel 'zhai' or jelak-y.

A definite MUST TO TRY when you're in Melbourne and especially when you're around the Dandenong Ranges - Miss Marple and the sky deck.

Who knows? I might be visiting this place again next week with my family. Wheee.....

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