Saturday, May 28, 2011

Salad and gastronomic sausages!

After a whole week of being out and eating out, we decided to cook a simple meal at home. There were lots of salads left back from our BBQ/western dinner from Wednesday. We did the salad and potatoes just the way my sister's friend, Mr. Panda did it that night.

From trying not to share too much, I tend to miss out mentioning certain people and events leading this to be a jumbled up blog depicting me - all over the place. =p Sometimes, I don't want people to know too much and sometimes, I over share, especially when I am in that emotional state known as 'emoing'.

Anyways, I forgot to mention in my earlier posts that my mum and brother came to Melbourne to visit me three weeks back. They have come and gone back whilst my sister came a week ago and is now away for a retreat.

I was really looking forward to my family visiting but unfortunately, there were lots of dramas and stressful events due to a particular someone that kind of ruined the whole I-am-excited-they're-here feeling.

But truth be told, it wasn't all bad. No family is perfect and some people have worst experiences. I enjoyed the trip to Ballarat, Phillips Island and city to see Eureka Skydeck and Melbourne Aquarium last week curtesy of Aunty M which will be blogged about in due time.

Mr. C and I enjoyed hosting my brother, sister and Mr. Panda at our humble home, and yes... I know I've yet to blog about it, too. Man, I really need to tell my stories in chronology order!

Anyhow, back to Saturday dinner where see me, Mr. C and my sis - Ruthie, preparing dinner. It was simple and yet delightful!

Healthy food - lettuce with tomatoes, avocadoes sprinkled with shredded carrot

Baked potatoes - firstly boiled, than coated with olive oil and dashes of salt

Our landlord who was around, was kind enough to show us how to start the fireplace and boy,
did it make the place warm and toasty!

Mr. C in the courtyard bbq-ing the lamb, pork cutlets and beef sausages

End result of the salad with additional toppings - grated cheddar cheese and mushrooms

Sinfully fattening meat

BBQ marinated lamb ribs for only AUD7 at Coles!

Our simple dinner - healthy salad offsetting the unhealthy meat!

I had to be attentive by the oven - changing the potatoes to different sides so that each side is crispy and golden brown. Requires patience... more worth it if I had made more potatoes!

I have decided not to post a picture of Ruthie enjoying her Sparking White with her pinkie upright. I might have posted pictures of her before but I think it's best to post less pictures of my family especially when it's posted without their consent.
On a different topic, did you know that there is a story to the word 'Champagne' and that in Australia (or perhaps everywhere else) it's known as Sparkling White (for white wine) unless it's under the Champagne brand.
Lastly, a typical sticking-my-tongue-out picture of me with my blue nails! Outrageously blue that screams for attention and I like it! It's funky and it's supposedly a trend to wear these kind of colours on one's nails!

I never used to post ANY pictures of myself but have changed my mind in the past year due to several reasons though I hope it doesn't come back to haunt me in the future! =)

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