Monday, May 9, 2011

Easter holidays : the beginning

Yes, I know. Easter was a few weeks back. This is an overdue post. Been slack in editing my pictures. Love the difference though!! Been editing some so that I can upload it on Facebook for Mr. C's friend, AhLih, the one that came over from Brissie for the long weekend.

Remember this post where I blogged about me getting the rental car for the Easter weekend when AhLih came... well, this is the follow up.

So, we left our house about 12am Thursday and despite my driving at the maximum road limit, we reached before 1am. We had to wait quite awhile as apparently, AhLih's flight was delayed yet again! Gosh! Didn't know that Virgin Airways had delays in their flights too!

We were bored witless waiting in the car hence, Mr. C and I headed to the Mc. D's nearby to grab something to munch. It was too cold (brrr..) to get an ice-cream and we were keeping our tummy space for when we bring AhLih to the city for a super late supper.

Deciding what to have...

Guess what's inside??!!

Love this editted picture!!

I look like I am digging my nose with fries.. but I am NOT! I swear!! =p

My macho hubby ripping open the tomato sauce packet for me...
over here in Aussie, you sometimes have to pay AUD50 cents for a packet of sauce which is ridonculous since we get it free all the time in Malaysia!!

Chippies make me chirp!! wheee...

Told you I am learning to love myself 'camwhore' *hehe*

Most people who wear spectacles wished they didn't have to or they just wear contacts. Me?
I don't need spectacles but I wear them... much to Mr. C's amusement. =p Think I really look more like my mother at certain angles especially with specs on.

Us, getting bored - Mr. C feeling super sleepy and me, forcing him to camwhore!

Ok.. it's late and I have to go to bed soon. Yes, it's early but when Mr. C goes to bed, I have to go and sleep too! By the way, it's now 11.05pm here in Melbourne - 2 hours ahead of Malaysia.

Stay tune for the next post on where we took AhLih for his first, short visit to Melbourne. =)


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