Friday, May 20, 2011

Lady bus driver of bus 754

To the lady bus driver of bus No.754 Rowville at Glen Waverly today at 4.22pm,

You didn't have to be condescending and rude to me today.

Maybe you've had a long day and it was the end of your shift. Or perhaps you had some annoying and rude kids/passengers that got on your nerves earlier. And because you couldn't take it anymore, you took it out on me. Then again, maybe, just maybe, it's your nature to be rude and your part- time hobby, to humiliate people.

Not only did you raise your voice rudely towards me and the little boy who stood beside me, the one that came up the bus after me, you humiliated us both by yelling, "you CAN'T stand here. GO all the way to the back... ALL THE WAY TO THE BACK!!".

How was I to know that I wasn't allowed to stand where I did? The bus appeared to be packed especially by school kids and the front part of the bus was blocked by passengers, giving the impression that the back part of the bus was packed.

Usually, people at the front would make their way to the back so that those in the front would have space to stand. But not today.

Besides, there wasn't any sign that indicated I couldn't stand where I was at!

And thanks for destroying my good perception that Aussies are generally nice and courteous people. You were the first bus driver to be mean and for that, I refused to say 'thank you' after the bus ride today. You weren't nice and neither did you drive adequately, accelerating only to break hastily when you reached a stop.

Were you rushing somewhere? Rushing back to your children? Husband?

Well, whatever the reasons may be, it still doesn't give you the right to be rude or condescending. If I was more of a vocal person and less drowsy from my train ride, I would have given you a piece of my mind!

I really hope you won't be rude to other passengers in the future for you never know whose path you crossed. For all you know, you might offend the sensibilities of a guy with a guy and low tolerance for ill mannered bus drivers.

Take heed lady bus driver.

ps: I think your twin brother was handling the tram my brother took with my mother to St. Kilda about 7ish in the evening 'cos they were treated shabbily too. Tsk tsk.

Yours truly,
A tired but upstanding passenger

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