Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The supposed joys of wedding planning

People keep telling me that a bride should enjoy the wedding planning experience after all, you get to be a bride once a lifetime, well, supposedly.

So far, I haven't been super squealy excited or psyched, strangely. I guess it's really hard to make any plans with an unlimited budget and when I say 'unlimited', I don't mean that I have an endless budget to spend on anything and everything.

Instead, my definition of 'unlimited' in this instance is a zero budget. ;p

Known for her famous ring flare shots (I dubbed it the JSP rainbow flare) or rather, it should be her signature IMHO

Most couples would have worked a couple of years and saved a fair bit before the guy decides to pop the question. Mr. C and I only started saving for our wedding which is to be held end this year although he proposed more than a year back!

He started his full time job mid February and before that, his part time job was only enough to support us for our daily needs such as food, rental, petrol and hand phone usage amongst other miscellaneous expenses!

Sometimes, simplicty is the key taken from Picnic Music Beach Engagement : Paul & Yunny

I, on the other hand, didn't managed to save much despite several years of working due to family obligation and hanging out with friends also costs a fair bit when you're out eating, drinking, playing badminton or karaoke-in. My yearly visits to Australia to see Mr. C also saw me kissing my annual bonuses goodbye.

Love and Elegance surrounded by nature taken from Classic Engagement : May & Vuitton

Occasionally, I would have moments of weakness and succumbed to retail theraphy (trust me, I really needed this occasionally to stay afloat) and this definitely takes a chunk out of one's remaining pay after deducting the main expenses.

So, with no budget and a wish for a dream wedding, I have my work cutout. Self-imposed torture, if you ask me.

But I believe, somehow, God will see me through this. I am learning to trust in Him and leave things in His very capable hands and because of that, I know that my wedding will be a beautiful event!

Childhood sweeties taken from Celebrating Corliss & Aaron by Alwin

PS: All pictures were taken from Jenny Sun Photography's Facebook page except the last three pictures are from Lightedpixel's Photography.


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Gina David said...

Ahhh.... the joys of a wedding planner. I've had the passion for event planning for as long as I can remember. I hear the wors: " party, event, wedding." and my blood starts flowing through my brains and kicks into overdrive like propellers of an airplane and it does not stop till after the day of the event. The greatest thing I have learned after meeting with thousands of brides is: GRATITUDE. Be grateful for the love you have and don't sweat the small stuff- stay focused on your committment for each other. As a wedding planner, a preacher's wife and a mother I must say that the joy and rewards of your everyday life and career comes from a divine grace that only GOD can fill. As the scripture says: "Seek first HIS kingdom and HIS righteousness and ALL things will be added to you." ( including a flawless,grand wedding) lol

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