Thursday, May 12, 2011

My wedding planning tips

Here is a follow up post from 'The supposed joys of wedding planning' - my basic tips for wedding planning based on my experience. =)

This is just a brief one. I will go more into details later on. There are so many more tips but these are the few basic ones that one must tackle first before moving on further.

Wedding Planning Tip #1 Decide the date
Do this at least a year in advance if possible. These days, people are super kiasu! I urge you to plan ahead NOT to join the psycho bandwagon but more so that you have more choices in your wedding venue, photographers and so on.

Wedding Planning Tip #2 Get your wedding venue
When I went back to Malaysia for CNY, I went around hunting for a wedding venue. My lesson learnt albeit too late and a lesson for all you future bride-and-grooms-to-be : plan ahead! So that you get the venue of your choice! People are into BIG weddings these days and when you think about it, you'll have tons of friends to invite, not including your parent's and relatives!

Wedding Planning Tip #3 Set your budget
This is essential and a must unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth like Paris Hilton or you're marrying into goldmine like Kate Middleton. Setting out a budget also helps to list the things you need to get or do ie a checklist.

Wedding Planning Tip #4 Choose your Photographers and Videographers
It seems to be the current trend for couples to have pre-wedding shoots. It is not mandatory but up to the couple. Some finds it a hassle and some likes to get all dolled up and have nice pictures of themselves professionally taken.

Some opt NOT to take pre-wed shoots but focuses more on the actual day. They find that the actual day is more important and that is the moment they want to capture and immortalise forever. However, as I said, it seems to be a current trend, hence, you need to do your homework on who's in the industry, their portfolio and price range before making a decision. And with many upcoming photographers and videographers, one can be spoilt for choices especially if one can afford it.

Wedding Planning Tip #5 Decide your
guest list
This can be a real headache and nightmare. Questions after questions are asked before one can decide. Do I invite my super close primary school mate whom I've lost touch with? Do I invite ex- colleague A whom I was quite close to? Cos if I invite ex-Colleague A, then I'll have to invite the whole gang. If I invite A and B from Company A but not the rest, who will they sit with?

Once you get those nitty gritty details on WHO you really want to share your 'special' day. You will immensely feel a sigh of relieve. Trust me, that's what happened and even then, I feel like adding more people to the list.

If I could, I really would invite all that I've known, who have played a part in my life no matter how insignificant it may seem. Alas, reality bites and I have to stick to the budget or sink myself in debt!

Wedding Planning Tip #6 Join competitions
If you're one who wants a fancy schmancy wedding but can't afford it or just love competitions, it is good to join as many wedding competitions as you can. There are many these days relating to pre-wed shoots to make up and hair do to honeymoons and so on.

It's hard work but definitely worth it when you do win something! Some one I know who's from a well off family joined tonnes of competitions and kept winning shoots after shoots despite hoping to win something else. But at the end of it, she had plenty beautiful pictures as keepsakes for FREE. Now, who can say no to anything free??!!


Nava Kishnan said...

It all depends on our our budget and how glamour we want our wedding to be.

Sometimes, a small wedding with the closest ppl may be the best.

goingkookies said...

nava : it is true. i think i m hugely regretting doing a chinese one.. having half the mind now to scrap it =(

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