Thursday, May 19, 2011

Alien abduction!!

Today has been a really relaxing day. A total opposite of yesterday. I had lunch with my cousin, vacumn the toilet and around the living room, washed floor rugs and hand washed my sister's jacket. I also had the time to reply my friend's facebook message to me and also my email!

Yesterday, I had the urged to bitch slap a certain someone and was close to uttering the 'f' word out loud. I am not proud of it and I admit I have lots to work on myself but for yesterday, my patience had decided to take a vacation as I tether at the brink of my sanity.

All I can say is that - she is no longer the person she used to be and that breaks my heart. One person I truly respected in my growing up year was her but now, it's as if aliens have abducted and replaced the real her, with the current one.

Everything she used to tell me not to do, she does it now and whatever she tells me to do, she doesn't do it!

Anyways, I feel bad ranting about her as it is but I stand by my claims that she has been abducted by aliens and have been replaced by this person who claims to have relations with me.

Enough ranting and let's move on to other things... me finding a good pose for my pre-wed pictures!

I can never do a proper sweet smile or a sexy sultry one

Somehow, I gravitate towards one eyed funny faces

Either that or senget mouth much??!

Hey.. a pretty decent smiling picture of me! VOILA!

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