Monday, May 2, 2011

Disney Pixar Up - Married Life - Carl & Ellie by Michael Giacchino - The...

I stumbled upon the above excerpt from the movie 'Up' at Kathlynn's blog two weeks back and the clip is so sweet and yet sad. It's main theme is love and the ending of the clip made me tear! I asked Mr. C to have a look at the clip but unlike Kathlynn's JC and me (yet again) he didn't tear at the end!

Last night, Mr. C and I watched 'Up' on our kick ass 42" LG tv and before the movie, he told me that I wasn't allowed to cry. You watch the above clip's ending and you'll understand why.

I am the girl who cries watching the Beast die in Beauty and the Beast when I was a high schooler and I am a sucker for happy endings. So, of course, I couldn't promise him that I wouldn't shed a tear.

The starting 10minutes of the movie was just adorable and I laughed at how Carl and Ellie met to the point she decided she liked him. It was so adorable and hilarious!

The kid version of Carl and Ellie reminded me of years with my childhood friend, Kev. Mr. C says he can just imagine Kev and I playing with me talking non-stop and us with our 'activities' that usually ended up with someone getting hurt.

According to Mr. C, little kid version of Carl looked like Kev! Haha. Wonder what Kev would think about that!

The clip above was only the first part of the movie and not the end of it. I reckon it is a really good movie! Too bad the cheeky scenes were only at the beginning.

I love movies that aren't full of gore and sexual connotations which is hard to come by these days. Most movies now are filled with violence, sexual innuendos and obscenity subtlety seeping into society and becoming the main theme of many people's lives!

People declare a movie is awesome or great if it has more violence, if it's more twisty and angsty or if it is filled with controversies or conspiracies. Deception, horror and many more not-so-healthy elements apparently keeps people wanting for more and not realising it, one gets desensitise by it all.

Although we liked the movie and enjoyed it immensely, 'Up' made Mr. C a little sad 'cos he can't imagine life without me and the obvious eventuality that one day, we all will meet Death. I proclaimed to him that he can never leave earth before me and to do so would warrant my wrath!

The poor dear quipped that he will probably perish a few days after my death in the future for the grief of losing me will be too great for him.

The thought of the natural progression that one day we will all meet our maker made me think about my parents. I don't think I will be able to ready myself for any inevitable unfortunate incidents and times like these, it sucks that I live so far from them.

Anyways, back to 'Up'. Watch it, enjoy it and I wish such love for everyone! =)


freeman said...


Kathlynn said...

It’s such an enjoyable movie isn’t it? I can imagine myself watching it again n again n again. You’re right, good movies are hard to come by these days. it is not the sound effect, horror graphics, 3Ds and whatnot that makes a movie good, its just a simple element like the above, that touches the heart just at the right spot!

Hui Ni said...

Love the show and cired like a pig after watching it!

goingkookies said...

freeman : exactly..

kathlynn: thanks for intro=ing that clip that lead me to watching the animation!! hehe.. but it's sad.. cos she died.. =(

hui ni: that's why i cannot watch it again.. maybe the first part only.. the funny part.. hehe