Thursday, December 3, 2009

A birthday filled with surprises -Part 2-

Aaahhh.. the long awaited Part 2.

Read Part 1 HERE.

My boyfriend and I aren’t exactly good with surprises. Especially when it comes to keeping a surprise from each other! Which is why, it really is a BIG thing that he managed to keep two H-U-G-E secrets under the lid, SO very well and for 2 whole months!

I never even saw it coming til it hit right smack into my face!

Friday, the 6th of November evening, I woke up from my nap about 7ish pm to a call from my boyfriend’s mother who asked me to go over her house to get something and I said ok.

When I reached his house, his mum led me to the kitchen and nonchalantly spoke into the thin air and said, “you can come out now”. I was thinking who was she talking to when lo and behold, my bf stepped out!!

He flew back from Brisbane that evening itself to surprise me for my birthday. I was stunned. Seriously. Literally speechless!

You see, he was supposed to be in Brisbane, on a fishing trip with his friend! AND he was supposed to be at sea with no reception and hence, unreachable. I never once suspected a single thing and that is really saying something as I am a rather easily suspicious person. Plus, he isn't very good at keeping his lies straight.

We talk and sms everyday and more than once. Hence, he had to come up with something really good ie the fishing story and believable to ensure that I wouldn't try to contact him when he was up in the air flying back. And to cover up that he would be unreachable, he told me that he’ll be out at sea meaning no phone line.

Come to think of it, he really did a good job BLUFFING me. Wonder what else has he been bluffing then? Hmmm... *hehe*

For my birthday, we went to San Francisco Steakhouse @ Tropicana City Mall. It wasn't planned. We just decided to go there.

After ordering our food, we were just chatting and he suddenly started to fiddle with his I-phone playing Bryan Adam & Barbara Streisand's I finally found someone. Then he started to say some words and how he wanted to tell me a corny poem. I blogged before about his corny poem tendencies. *hehe*

Then, he got onto his knees and proposed (this is cutting a long and awkward story short).

Basically, the MAIN reason he came back was to propose and not just for my birthday as he had misled me to believe! I was stunned, once again. Stunned speechless.

And what did you think I said to him???




I said YES!!

His initial plan was to surprise me at the joint birthday party on the Saturday, 7th November. But he couldn't wait. I then asked him from the time he reached home about 6ish pm on Friday the 6th November, how long did it take him to realise that he couldn't wait til Saturday, that he wanted to see me a.s.a.p?

He said within 15minutes of reaching home, he bugged his mother to call me to come over. I was sleeping and missed a few calls from the mum up to about an hour later.

I also asked him if it ever occurred to him that I might have said NO. And he said, "no". Darn! I should have given a negative answer, right? =p

Remember how I blogged about my basic criteria for a proposal??!! Well, he did all except no.2! Actually, I think playing the Bryan Adam song was his interpretation of No.2!

So, what do you guys think of the proposal?? Does it sound good enough for you??!! Do tell me your thoughts!!

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congratulation !it's sweet :D

Chavah Kinloch said...

Awww wow, congratulations!

soolynnie said...

Essy! I know I congratulated you already but reading the story once more I love both of you (so ironic since I've nvr met him). So now you can use the mask & hand cream for preparation for ur big day! I'm psychic yo

goingkookies said...

thanks everyone!!

but BIG day is still not set yet =(

soolynnie: thanks siao cha boh ! =p
dun forget, you're my ji mui ya!!