Monday, December 28, 2009

Feeling it..

I am really drained and tired.

You would think that in my current situation, I would be rejuvenated and refreshed, all ready to start my new job in a new year. I should be.

Maybe I need a new life away from people I know, family included. *Emoing*

Sometimes, I have so much to say, so much to rant but somehow, it doesn't feel too right to rant about one's family and air one's dirty laundry.

It's really saddening and sickening when people aren't responsible or have their hearts in the right places. And I can't shrug off the sense of filial piety. I just can't.

Nowadays, it would appear as if I've changed from a goody girl to a more not-so-goody-girl although the goody side in me is rebelling against the not-so-good side. Ok. That's getting a little bit complicated. *hehe*

No point ranting when it's just so general and aimless.

Story of my life.

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