Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tenji @ Solaris

When my bf was back several weeks ago, we, together with his mother and brother headed to Tenji which is situated in Solaris Mont Kiara, a rather posh area.

When I walked in, I was pretty amazed with how big the interior looked. This place has been opened since January 2009 and has been compared constantly to Jogoya, a similar concept Japanese eatery.

The food was good. Let's just say if you plan to go to Tenji, make sure you go with an empty stomach to make it worth every cent and dining experience!

I shall let the pictures do the talking.

I loove the contrast between the orangey prawns and greeny murky shells.

Yes, there is also FREE flow of beer!

So, what are you beerholics waiting for??

My bf said that the fresh oysters were not as fresh nor as big as the ones in Jogoya. And since sampling the fresh oysters in Sydney, he now claims that the Jogoya ones weren't as good as the first time we dined there. So, you know what to expect with Tenji's.

I decided to give red wine AND white wine another try.
Conclusion: YUCKS. Just not for me.

We didn't managed to get the pointy, famous coconut. Despite going back numerous times to where they serve the coconut, no one refilled it. So, we had to contendwith the above coconut which was still cooling and tasty.

Soba, anyone? I don't recall seeing this dish in Jogoya.

Western food is better tasting than Jogoya's. I really LOOVED the Fettuccine Carbonara! *Slurp*

The walkway from the main entrance into the dining area.

Poor piggie... My bf claims it's a lamb!
But it looks like a piggie to me!!

Chocolate fondue anyone??

Sashimis... not my thing.
Not exactly a fan of raw food.

Nice but dark ambiance.

Sweet cakes!! My kind of thing!

The spread at the table next to ours.
The gang of 4 kept piling their table with food first before sitting down to indulge their tasty morsels as a group.

The variety of tea was interesting and refreshing.
They had Heong Pin. Pu Er. Some rose ones, too.

Don't ever take the tiramisu! It's P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C!!
It's basically 98% cream or mousse and just 2% cake at the bottom.
I didn't even know there was some cake bits til my bf's bro commented on the pathetic cake portion.
Then, I went scooping for it. *Bluek*

The profetti (I think that's what it's called but it sounds wrong) looked cute BUT it's taste is lackluster.

The awesome experience at Tenji that I don't get in Jogoya is the slurpilicious HAAGEN DAZ ice cream!! I had 3 helpings and for each helping, I have more than 2 scoops of ice cream! Top it of, there is a booth that makes tasty waffles to go with the ice creams!

My camera ran out of battery, hence, I have no pics for you.

So, if you do go to Tenji, make sure you try to grab the pointy coconuts before they run out and also keep LOADs of space for the awesome ice cream. Don't bother with the cakes. They don't deserve any attention! =p

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Kelvin said...

Looks not bad^^
Is the sashimi nice?

Joyce C. said...

So much food! I'm not so fond of tiramisu... too much cream.

Buffets are like that. Only a portion of the spread actually tastes somewhat good. XD

Personal experience...

Catherine @ Soo Khoon said...

looks very nice to me.... shud go try someday...

goingkookies said...

kelvin: sashimi's alright.. the night we went, it was kinda sparce.. too many ppl there for dinner!

joyce c: that's really true actually... for me, i was more interested in the ice cream!! hehe n d fettucine.

catherine: it is interesting for experience. check out their websites as they both have promotion off and on.. if not mistaken, supper is RM49.90++ where else dinner is RM88++ second person RM19.90.

if u calculate it, it's about the same..