Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I’m a Sherlock Holmes in the Making!!!


Nuffnang is giving out the Sherlock Holmes tickets to 60 LUCKY Nuffnangers with their guests TWO days before everyone in Malaysia gets to see it!

Gosh.. always missing these FREE MOVIES!! Only managed to get free tickets to The Ugly Truth last time, thanks to Nigel's help and that was curtesy of Sony!!

Darn! And now, there are already 70 over comments at Nuffnang's homepage!!

Basically, mystery Sherlock Holmes image as shown below is scattered at 2 prominent Malaysian blogger's blog and we're supposed to decipher the rather obvious hints, go to the blog, print screen the below image and blog about it in our own blogs and email the Nuffnang team.

Problem is, I went to Ringo's site, but the frigging image ISN'T showing anywhere!! But I managed to get it from KY's blog!

Wait.. I couldn't seem to print screen it properly... why does it look so small in my blog??

This was taken from Tallboyz blog. Sorry. Hope you don't mind. I tried print screening it and pasting it in Paint SO many times that my eyes have crossed!!

It looked ok but when I save and load it to blogger... the below is how it looks!


I hope to win the tickets!! *fingers crossed* SOMEONE in Nuffnang, please like me and offer me tickets!! Pweety pls with a cherry on top!! *hehe* Gosh. I sound so whiny and undignified!

Still crossing fingers!!

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