Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hanging with the cousin

Went to the Pyramids with my cousin, Jo on Wed and let me tell you this, I really hate Sunway Pyramid's parking lots. And the new system that shows red light meaning, parking lot occupied and green light for unoccupied lot is just plain silly.

When it malfunction, that is.

We went round and round looking for parking space and finally found one. After parking my car, I noticed the below and just had to take a picture and blog about it.

See the green light above the blue avanza???
It shows green BUT there's a frigging car there!!

The new side of Pyramid.
It has a bit of Sg. Wang's shopping mall feel.
But the clothes cost more!!

Tempting looking cupcakes...
but I managed to resist temptation!!

Christmas decorations at the center part in between the new and the old wing of Sunway Pyramid.

My sporting cousin, Jo who was also busy taking pics along with me!!
and yes.. he is an ang moh!!

It was to be a fun day taking pictures...

I found this ironic.
such an oxymoron!

The Christmas deco at the old wing side.

A very smart move to have Ferris Wheels.
For kids entertainment,
BUT a headache for the parents who gets pestered by their kids.

And us kids fooling around with erm.. toy cars meant for kids.
You're only young once, someone said. =p

The colourful lights at Living Cabin.
Several people actually stopped to take picture beside the creepy Santa Clause!
Only God knows why. If it was a cute one... no surprises there.

A lonely baby shark, doomed forever to swim in circles,
imprisoned in his tiny aquarium at a fish spa shop to be gawked at.

A place to rest your poor feet after a loooong shopping spree.

I love Pikachu the most!!

Pikachu wants it's nose to be erm.. digged.

Poor Pikachu... aftermath of being molested.

Ultraman wannabe!

And it's time to go home.
We still took pics EVEN while waiting for the lift!

I am happy to say that I didn't buy anything that day! Meaning, I didn't spend ANY money!! Well, except for petrol and parking ticket.
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