Saturday, December 5, 2009

MY farewell speech

When I left my firm I had a general farewell mail and a more specific one that I wrote to those I deemed closer. Reading it again and looking back, I wonder if it even means anything to anyone...

*dwells in emoness*

Below is the specific one.. super long.. so, skip if it bores you. =p

Hi all,

I am sorry to spam your emails with my CHEONG HEI farewell mail but here’s another one… with a more personal tone.



If you find this long and tedious, just delete it but don’t say I didn’t think of you ya.

(Super amused that in my farewell card, lots of ppl wrote that they couldn’t write much due to AUSY and lack of space. )

AUSY…. Why didn’t I get a kickass HUGE farewell card like Kristin’s?? Muahaha. Then there would have been more space for ppl to write MORE touching stuff!! =p

And how come no one passed it to siaw ling to write a touching note to me???!!! =p


KOKYUAN: You may not know it but I will always treasure the help/guidance you extended to me when I was an AA2. Kristin and I would always run to you for help whenever we were unsure about anything and you would explain things to us patiently AND without judging! And now that Fish A and B are gone, who’s your Fish C and D? =p

CHMY: AHAHA.. I do remember those days where we’ll chat nonstop til AYKO comes back into the room. Hehe. And he even stopped outside of the room once just to let us talk to our hearts content. All the best to you too in your new company and I hope that you’ll find job satisfaction!!

GABBY: I will always remember you for your white hair!! Hehe. Kidding!! You will always be engraved in my memories as the guy who stayed back late and taught me tax! I will also remember that you insulted my basic tax knowledge first, before embarking to give me a crash course. My tax knowledge is where it is and it’s all because of your tutelage!

CLY: You’ve always been one of the seniors that I have always looked up to. You were more of a senior to me during my first job, Dolo then my senior was. Thank you so much for all the explanations and gila moments. Hope we have more memories to built seeing the fact that I am your son’s lousy Godmother who never visits. =p

DARIO: Koko chai!! I probably blistered your ears during EPMM (Nilai) during the 45minutes journey to and fro with my incessant chattering. Stay strong and don’t be an 바보 to me!!

AYKO: SIFU!!! Thanks for letting CHMY and I to chat whilst you hovered outside the room during those KL Monorail days. And Thanks for the yummy food at Lygon St and freezing ice cream when I last saw you. Who knows, we might meet again soon. =p

CCM: Ahhh.. the senior that I was supposed to work with but fled to UK when he knew he was supposed to audit Control Techniques with me!

MUSKELS: Kristin and I would run to you for help but your “dry” and too techy explanations would drive us to KOKYUAN!! Wahahha. Kidding! Looking better than before. I shall miss your HUR HUR HURs and squeezing those muscles of yours! Stay strong TL! And did we ever agree to leave together? OH MY. I never knew that.

AUSY: Haha. Now who are you going to berscandal with after my departure? Muahahha. Faster find a REAL gf and settle down so that you can ppl besides ur juniors to boss around. You’re not getting any younger! Hehe. THANKS for organizing the farewell dinner and purchasing the present! I will always treasure the AA2 years of our chatting session with CLY and at the people we poke fun about. If you need a maid to clean house, call me, if you want a mate, call KAMz!

KENG: NOBITA!!! Why so serious and broody?? Be more friendly and chatty with your assistants lar. =p hahaa.. don’t forget call me out mamak NOT only when you need a listening ear ya! =p btw, my bday is in one month’s time on 8TH NOVEMBER!!!! Why did you wish me happy birthday on my FAREWELL CARD?????

LEE HOM: MIMI!!! I will call you when miss bimbo gets back k!! Going to miss your laugher. It never fails to bring a small to my face. Eat more k..and not like a bird as AUSY would say ya!! If you ever still need a lift, CALL ME!

FLY: Hey my DOLO AA2 buddy!! I’ve always saluted you and your brainy mind. Thank you for all that you’ve explained and taught me during those few months and even know when I come and rant.

SOO LYNNIE: MISS BIMB!! Come back and join me!! hehe.. No matter what others think or say, you always have a special place in my mind for making me feel “included” when I felt excluded! BKK annual trip ya!!

KRISTIN: BC!! What can I say about you?? MuahahahA.. Great knowing you and seeing you grow from SAM to METRO to WORK! Can’t believe how much you’ve changed from those early days of knowing you. PPL.. did you know, after 4 years of knowing her, my first time seeing her in skirt was when she started work in KPMG!!!

MUN TZIN: Woman.. I am still having your BSL notes!! Will pass it to you after Oct k. Do keep in touch ya. That reminds me, need to organize a meet up that we discussed previously.

RACHEL LOW: When on earth are we going to have our G session??? All the best to you up there. Smart Move. =p Hope it brings you job satisfaction and everything that you may be looking for.

MABEL: AUSY PROTÉGÉ, Have fun during your hols!! Don’t forget to make snow angels on my behalf! And never let Mr. Lo touch you or any of your food! EVER. He can touch AUSY’s. =p

PEI YIN: SOTONG!!! *flamingo waves* I won’t forget your chun.. oops.. I meant sweet face and erm.. tentacles?? Don’t be ahem.. noti ya! =p

GARY: THONG JR!!! Help me to thank your GF for her packed lunch ya but I m still waiting for my fried rice!! =p

HWEI LING: Stay sweet forever ya.

JACLYN: Hi ASTRO woman!! Don’t always MC ar… make sure you take care of your health and don’t be like me!

REGINA: Take care and it’s been great chatting with you in the past few weeks.

EDWIN: wAHHHH only one line from you in my farewell card? What is that man??!!! For that, I don’t want to meet you during study break!! AND.. you didn’t even come to my farewell!!

SIAW LING: WHERE’S MY FAREWELL NOTE FROM YOU?? Hehe.. kidding. It’s been great to know you.. from day 1, you’ve striked me as the pretty-next-door gal who’s down to earth who’s super nice!! And it was great doing haagen daaz stocktake with u.. freezing to near death in the FREEZER!!

SHAUN: hey yo.. don’t disappoint me k. and get that tummy of yours checked for worms!! =p

JOCELYN LOY: Hi MIMI daughter! Listen to your mummy and daddy ya. Hehe. Make sure your mummy is setia to daddy and not have affair with Lee Hom!

HAZEL: Haha.. FFK me so many times because of MUSKEL!! Kidding!! You take care k and don’t let any seniors bully you ya!! If Tricia buwees you, let me know, I come back and smack her for you! I’ll even go all the way to klang to smack her!

PIKYOKE: Don’t be notti and don’t always look so serious in office! =p You’re being watched. Hehe. Hope you retain your sweet innocence and not let AUDIT ppl corrupt you

LLOYDEN: haha.. quite a nice message from you in the card.. the part how you said the joy I brought to the department will be missed. I didn’t know I brought joy! =p Treat HER well ar..if not.. *cracks knuckle*

CHEE ENG: Don’t go showing your kung fu moves to other people k.. unless Kamenii’s there.. you really cracked her up. Take care and don’t be too cheeky ya. All the best in your AA2 life suffering with AUSY in Dolo!! Haha.. if AUSY bully you, tell me, I’ll come dolo to help you pou sau.

YAP: Hey yo.. all the best to you in your future workplace!! In JB,you were sooo serious and unfriendly k.. nowadays different story pula. =p Must be cos of the feeling of freedom looming.

SZE MUN: Are you still driving ppl insane with that youtube song you kept playing over and over at MEGA? Livia and I were trying to figure out the name of the song but failed.. you take care and God Bless ya!! Continue spreading your “love” and “joy” cheekily!!

JASMINE: JIE JIE!!! TIME TO GROW UP LA… got bf already.. soon will have little vincents and jasmines.. cannot be mei mei anymore ya!! Don’t forget to invite me to your wedding!! =p

ASHLEY: Haha.. don’t keep on berscandal with AHEM… bad for reputation and health *sly wink* take care and all the best on your next job with alan, the big minion!!

CANDY: Hi. You know from DOLO days, I knew you’ll turn out to be a fine auditor. =p You showed potential even then… despite what you told me. =) wa ai jia HEONG PEAH!!

DENNIS: Oi JB MATE!! Knew you from JB and you followed me and Kamenii back. Noti noti. *kidding* Take care and like I said.. don’t be noti noti and always berscandal with AHEM.

CHRIS: take care Mr 6 ft VT!!! Don’t go stressing your other seniors ya. =p


ALAN: Medium minion… I now hand over the responsibilities of taking care of little minion over to you. Guard her remaining “uncorrupted” mind as tight as you can. WAITAMIN… you’re one of the corrupters!!! Dang. Haha. Take care and stay strong. Before you know it, it’s time to ciao. Wahaha. MAI EH NEE PAI SEE AR.

MEI ANNE: LITTLE MINION! PLS DON’T GO WACKING PPL in the head and their shoulders whenever there is a farewell ya. It jars the mind causing them not able to give good speeches!! See you before, during and after exam! Don’t be a nerd!! And I am hurt with your fraternizing with my enemies!! =p


MELANIE: I think JB secondment was enjoyable for me because of you. Our late nights of working at our dining table and then rewarding ourselves with 1 episode of “brothers and sisters” that usually led to another episode.. and another and another…and cringing at the gay kissing scenes.. swimming in the tiny apartment pool… shopping at Jusco and Pelangi during the weekends!

KAMENII: You crazy woman who drinks like a fish (not me)!! Haha. Thanks for all the crazy moments in KL, JB and in PJ office!!! I will always appreciate you for telling me “that thing” when I needed a wake up call.

SEAN TAN: Hey bud! I am finally leaving!! Wahaha.. it was great knowing you. DO keep in touch k! and I will make it to JB one of these days!! Or you could come up to PJ again and I will meet u!! =p

CHEONG: My eyes are NO longer just one line or one dot!! Wahaha… When are you leaving la? Now already a senior…

CHIEN HWI: Hey yo EFFICIENT junior!! All the best to you ya. You were a great help to me.


TRICIA: Wahahaha.. Today is your last and only day to call me “aunty”. From now on, it’s MEI MEI!!! Get it right!

STEVEN: Don’t so gan cheong ya!! Take deep breathes… =p


WOOKIE & LIVIA: TAKE CARE YOU TOO!!! Wookie… where’s your ROBIN?? Don’t mess with my “lil sis” if not… *double cracking knuckles*

HUI PING: YEA!! We managed to have out ranting session. Call me anytime if you want more!! That or non raw sushi!! =p

RAJ: Haha.. I had my ranting session with hui ping… when’s urs?? Take care and stray strong man. Keep in touch and feel free call me out since we live so nearby ya.

MING WEI: I feel like I’ve worked with you before and yet I can’t seem to recollect at all.. any ideas?? Anyways, thanks for helping me to collect my ID. Hope you are able to find “what” you’re looking for as discussed awhile back! =p


AND… keep me in the loop of all the happenings, birthdays, farewells, weddings etc and email it to or call me at xxxxx.

Please please please email me your address, contact no. so that I can send you a bomb! =p





kenwooi said...

they are gonna miss you alot! =)

goingkookies said...

how do you know??

only one has told me she misses me.. and the rest don't keep in touch..

but i guess ppl also busy la =p

u know.. it's just one of those days where u feel blue over a certain issue n u start to think...

Kathlynn said...

ahh...u knw kokyuen & kamenii :)where r u goin to/went to next?

goingkookies said...

hi!! sorry.. never saw ur comment til now..

u know them both?? how so??

ooh in an investment bank.. but leaving soon