Monday, December 7, 2009

I love YOO!! @ Mid Valley

I was in Mid Valley with an ex-colleague, Mel a few months or was that weeks ago???!! Oh yeah!! We were there one Friday evening as she had free movie ticket to share with me from her company. Before we went for the movie, she introduced this place and insisted that I try as they apparently served GOOD taufu fa!

When I was there shopping with my cousin on a different day during end of October, I told her that I wanted to drop by this shop- I love yoo!! for their taufufa...

Unfortunately for me, instead of ordering aufufa, I somehow blurrily ordered the set and that came with soya bean with yau cha guai. I thought it would be a weird combo but guess what??!! It actually tastes rather yummy.

The soya bean texture is not powdery nor does it leave an after taste in your mouth that most soya bean drink does. Even consuming the taufufa together with yau cha guai is just as adequately intriguing.

The counter

Crazy queue! People will actually wait in line just for the taufufa, soya bean etc.

The soya bean actually costs about RM3+ and the yau cha guai and other friend doughy morsels cost about RM1.40+ where else if you get it in pasar malam or eateries such as SS2's Wa Sek Kai, it'll be around 70cents.

My cousin on a shopping binge. Shopaholic chic. =p

The borders card my mum FINALLY utilised that Sunday despite us giving that to her eon lightyears ago!!
*The 3 piggies...*

Go check out the Food Garden whilst you're at The Gardens (Newer side of Mid Valley Mall). Pretty interesting decor/ambiance. And there is a variety of shops serving Korean, Mamak and even Western Food!

My mum, bro, cousin and I decided to have our dinner there that day and my family enjoyed their Korean food where elsefor me, not being a fan of Korean food, I ordered from the Mamak shop.

My brother had the Bibimbab- Mixed Rice.

My Roti telur with sausage and cheese from the Indian Shop.

It's some chicken dish.

My cousin's Bulgogi.

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