Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A & W @ SS2

I heard that A&W had opened an outlet in SS2 couple of weeks back and as my cousin was craving for some burger, we headed there a few days back. Although A&W in general is a bit more pricier than McD's the fries are really good and the waffles too!

My Mozza burger, fries and root beer.

Soggy waffle in the mug! Bluek! Doesn't taste good at all!

My cousin and his tiny, unsatisfying fish burger.

Us, sitting upstairs on the balcony.

My tiny Mozza burger.

Lacklustre and soggy fries.

My that one experience at the SS2 branch is enough to put me off from going back there again. The service was so-so. The food quality was crap. So, do think twice if you really want to try it out.
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