Monday, December 14, 2009

Colourful Christmas

With Christmas looming and in 11days time, people are busy shopping, tidying up their houses and hanging up Christmas decorations.

Shopping malls aren't any different! In fact, these past few years, Christmas seems to be more commercial with more Christmas decorations about.

Check out 1utama, New Wing's centre stage piece Christmas deco. Don't you just love the white and red concept?? I think red and gold or blue and silver/gold would make lovely themes! But this also depends on the shade of colour chosen!

Besides that, head over to The Gardens and you'll see Christmas trees filled with white butterfly ornaments. Definitely gives a fairytale feeling. However, the tree feels a tad overdecorated and overstuffed from all the ornaments. But I guess it is done this way as it is a very tall tree and one can't be having a sparse Christmas tree, right?

Mid Valley Mall has their own share of Christmas decorations. The one I came across had candles hanging from the above. I would say, it had a bit of a Harry Potter movie feel and not so Christmas-ish.

Not to be left out is Tropicana City Mall. If you walk to the centre court where there's a stage set up, just gaze up to the ceiling and you'll get to see a myriad of colours as the light's colour changes.

Glitzy dazzling centre stage!

Green ceiling lights!

Light hue of pink.

Aqua and green.


SO, do you guys know of any other Christmas settings that are outstanding, beautiful or creative?? Do tell me about it!

COMING UP... Christmas lights decoration in Singapore.

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Independent Queen said...

Haaa.. i Just came back from Mid Valley. The decoration was compare with Pavillion. But,, klcc even much more simpler this time. And 1U.. more like a fairytale garden wedding concept yah?

kenwooi said...

nice deco..
xmas is like the THING every year end! =D

goingkookies said...

independent queen: not very christmas-ish at the MV one..

haha yes yes... nice concept!!

kenwooi: yes it is... but i heard spore's one is really beautiful!