Tuesday, December 1, 2009

MIA for far TOO long

Hi folks.

Although I've been unemployed since early October til now. People naturally assume that I would be relaxing and shaking leg at home. They even ask why do I choose to start work in Jan 2010 instead of Dec 2009.

Things have been crazy for me since my last day at my previous firm with not much time to blog especially these past few weeks with the bf coming back for awhile and the family trip to Pangkor and Singapore.

Besides that, with my relatives coming to Malaysia from Aussie, there's so much tidying and preparation to do. I seriously have SO many things to do before the year end is up.

I am so NOT looking forward to Pre-monday blues, Monday blues and having to look forward to TGIFs!

Right now, weekdays are like weekends. Everyday is a Friday! Feels like it.

Like yesterday and today, took my mum out to run her errands although I have my own errands to clear. I love the feeling of relax-ness (not working basically) and taking her out. There won't be much time to spend with her when I marry etc.

Ok. Shall definitely blog about Birthday Suprise Part 2 tomorrow. And hopefully find time to blog about my Pangkor and Singapore family trip!


kenwooi said...

you'll have the time..
all the best! =)


goingkookies said...


wahhh ur blog NOW have LOTS of comments lor.. what's d secret?

your content?

Anonymous said...

woohohoho..... Marry..hhhhehe etc

goingkookies said...

haha dodgy NINI!!!