Friday, December 11, 2009

PC Fair + hot babes = crazy turnout

BLOGS: Check out C-O-C-O's, GilbertZai's and DoggyJamesSay's post on PC fair babes.


Last weekend was a crazy weekend especially at KLCC where the PC Fair was held. According to my "wonderful" friend, guys flock there to check the babes out. And here I thought, it was the good deals that drew the crowd.

Two friends and I took a ride on the LRT (Light Rail Transit aka like a subway only we don't really have subways in Malaysia) to KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre) which is definitely more convenient in terms of NOT having to pay exorbitant parking tickets, NO NEED for unnecessary petrol consumption and NOT having to brave the crazy KL jam!

I was looking for some good deals to perhaps purchase a 1TB hard disc or a thumb drive for my mum but the deals weren't exactly that great IMHO.

Babes, however, were everywhere! Some were scantily clad border lining to looking slutty (IMHO once again) , some were dressed in just polo shirts but nonetheless still look chun and some were decked out in elegant mini dresses.

I was too engrossed with making my way alive through the crowd to take pictures. Hence, I've "borrowed" some from some bloggers and linked it back to them.

PICTURE 1 and 2 was taken from C-O-C-O's blog. PICTURE 3 to 5 were taken from GilbertZai's blog.

Very striking ladies in their outfit topped off by their outstanding little hats!
Looking very slim, trendy and pretty.
I doubt I'll ever achieved that slimness level. =p

She looks really sweet and photogenic!!

Awww.. girl in pink with a mega watt smile!

Er... let's just say, I wouldn't like my daughter to dress nor look like that... EVER!
Not being judgmental ok, I am just a conservative gal! =p

Told you these ladies were striking that they must have had their pictures taken a billion times! and such great posers.
I would be tooo shy and conscious. Silly, I know.

This was the C-R-A-Z-Y crowd that one has to initially battle at the beginning.

Some people will always have doctor- nurse fetish!

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kisahsensasi said...

I always lurve the acer - lady in black...

goingkookies said...

haha.. u n prolly every other guy.. =p

kellster said...

the first p1 girl that u said is pretty is my friend eelaine i think :)

goingkookies said...


oooh but there's 2 girls in Pic 1.. unless u meant Pic 2 =p

Andersonvsxy said...

the first p1 girl that u said is pretty is my friend eelaine i think :)