Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dragon- i @ 1Utama with the "future" in laws

Whilst my bf was back for two weeks in November, we were on a food hunt... more for him to indulge and satiate his cravings before he went back to Brisbane, Australia.

One of the places that we went to were Dragon-I at 1Utama with his parents.

Some beans that he and his parents devoured. My family however, don't really fancy this kind of condiment aka Chinese appetiser.

Some jellyfish and cold beef dish ordered by the bf.

Dragon- i's famous "Siew Long Pao" but it doesn't taste as good as the first few times I had it.
I loooove salty egg custard bun as blogged HERE, hence, I had to give it a try. I must say that Summer Palace's "Liu Sha Pao" is still undefeated as it's inner feeling is still the best! Not lumpy but just the right texture.

A different type of dumpling that we tried.
Tasted tastier than the "Siew Long Pao"

Ooooh.. I always have this when I go to Dragon-I.
Shared it with my bf's mum.

The ambiance.

Siew Long Paos in the making...

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2 comments: said...

Dragon-i is a quite success restaurant, i luv it!
Nanged your post! Hopefully you will nang to read about is back with the name !!!!!!

goingkookies said...

yes it is.. but the food is rather pricey!

thanks for the nang!!

yup yup.. checked out ur blog already!!