Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I hate having tiffs

Pic taken from HERE.

Just had a tiff with someone. And it was over something minor. Well, at least to me it was.

And all because that someone couldn't take criticism. Not to say that I was criticising him to begin with. I was just making a statement after a few days of observation and it turned out to a full blown pissed off ness. And now, I don't know where's my standing with him.

What I am wondering is, why did I let him get to me? I should have known better.

I guess I was taken aback and was shocked at the extent of his rudeness- throwing the dvd at me and saying that the money I was returning to him was dirty money, in other words, implying that I was dirty which was probably his intent.

This was all because he has a bad temper and is always going by his emotions. But forgetting that everyone else HAS feelings, too!

I told him off saying that it was rude. It really pissed me off. I walked away and started tearing. Why? I wished I knew.

No one's been this outright rude and mean to me and I guess I didn't handle it very well. Well, a hard lesson learnt.

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