Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tis the season to be jolly...

What is Christmas to you??

Is it about beautiful Christmas lights??

When I was in Singapore a couple of weeks back, my dad's friend whom we stayed with drove us along the road that had all the Christmas lights out. It was my first time witnessing after all these years of hearing people gushing about Singapore's decorations during Christmas!

They do take Christmas decorations to a whole new level.
That is, comparatively to Malaysia.

OR is Christmas about Santa Clause then??!!

Is it about shopping??
and the MEGA sales??!!

Is it about the baubles? The pretty ornaments?
or the act of decorating?

OR is it about angels?

about Christmas trees??

Or about what's underneath?? The gifts...?

Well, it's none of those. Well, NOT the true meaning that is.

It is about the season of giving and not just about material gifts such as a PS3 or a laptop or the latest hand phones or a trip to so and so etc.

It's about giving one's time... one's love... one's extra for another person, for a loved one, for the unfortunate, the poor and the list goes on.

Of course EVERYONE loves presents. Who doesn't?

THIS isn't meant to come across as preachy or a sermon. Just some thoughts.

The very act of giving of this season originated from God above. He gave his son for us. His son, Jesus to die on the cross and it's not just a fast and easy death like getting a shot in the head. It was a long and painful way to death- being hung on the cross for hours... to bleed to death. I can't even comprehend the immense pain that Jesus had to go through. Even just a tiny scratch or a paper bleed hurts. What more to say about being crucified?

The reason why Jesus had to die was to wash away our sins. Don't you ever have moments where you know that doing something was wrong and yet you couldn't seem to stop yourself from doing it?? Or you just find reasons to justify away your guilt. And slowly, you don't feel the guilt anymore? You have constant battles with temptations.. with telling white lies... with hiding matters... well, these are all what is known as sin.

And as much as we don't want to care nor believe, God can't abide sin. He loves us but He
doesn't love sin. Not one bit. And that is why, this is one way for us to go back to Him. By accepting Jesus, by acknowledging that God is the only way.

Sometimes we laugh it off. in this modern society where sleeping around is a norm, where what used to be wrong is now deemed as alright. Some people choose to NOT think about it. Some say callously that they don't mind burning in hell forever cos that's where the hot chicks or guys are... but won't you regret it if one day you do die and you end up there... forever??

No one says that once you have God, life would be painless and all suffering would ease. The road won't be an easy road. Even I, struggle and am still far from being proud to call myself a Christian. I have many faults and many sins. And at times, I doubt God, I question his ways and I don't even hear Him.

But I know there is a God. And I know that He is there for me. I should be grateful for all that He has given me instead of dwelling on what I lack.

And I am grateful.

That is why I am looking forward to 2010 (except the starting work part). To a brand new year. A new year and hoping that there is good things waiting.

So, what is Christmas to you? Another excuse to go drinking with friends? To go shopping?

If you feel empty inside or searching for something, nake this Christmas count and do something special or nice for someone. That smile would be worth the while!

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Willy C. said...

Sg wasting too much electricity for decors the Earth :P LOL.
and may God Bless You!
..seems like it's been awhile since i used this phrase. =_=

goingkookies said...

wahaha.. true true.. but it's their form of drawing in tourists and tourism industry is important for them..

thanks.. God Bles syou too!!

how come it's been awhile??