Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Ugly Truth review

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After waiting for ages and ages and going from blog to blog in my bid to win myself free tickets to the movie, I just got back from watching the Ugly Truth!!! WHEEEE.....

I first saw the giveaway tickets at Nigel Sia's blog and then Davidclicks. Different bloggers were giving out X amount of tickets and X amount of people who leave their names in the comment section would win free tix to the movie!

Thus my journey for free tickets continued. I made my way to Kellster's and then to Yatz's and somehow I was always slow in leaving my name! And then, Nigel gave me heads up on Serpentinegal giveaway and finally joshuaongys.

I immediately headed over to Serpentinegal only to find out that I was late. I kind of lost hope but told myself to just check out Joshuaongy's blog just in case and I hurriedly left my name. Basically, I owe it to Nigel!! And I owe him a drink for it...

Anyways, I reached Cineileisure at The Curve about 9pm and got my tickets from Kellster. Think she doesn't recognise me as the tickets weren't under GOINGKOOKIES. (Not to say I am famous or well known to begin with as this was my first event) =p And I think I saw Yatz.

Sorry for not saying hi!

Felt a little bit awkward, truth be told... and somewhat shy. All the camera flashes going off. Felt like some celebrity event. However, couldn't hang around to overcome my shyness as I had to rush to Ikea to get something.

It was 9.30pm by the time we were done with our purchases and we promptly headed for the cinema. By then, everyone was seated.

The seats were really comfortable and soft. Definitely more comfy than Tropicana City Mall's cinema. But for convenience sake, I would still head out to Tropicana Mall's cinema if it shows the show that I want to watch.

Basically, the movie was funny. People in the whole cinema kept laughing. I won't bore you with details of the movie as you can google for the synopsis or rather bloggers will or some even have posted the storyline.

For me, yes, it was funny. It's worth watching BUT the whole movie centered around sexual connotations and jokes. Personally, the ending saved the movie for me(not the in bed part). As much as I laughed at the sexual context jokes/pun, it's rather saddening to know that many people in the cinema who are probably younger than me... laughed at those jokes and are sexually aware.

Don't get me wrong. This is just my perspective and my humble opinion. I am not being judgmental nor righteously sitting on my high horse.. just in case I am misunderstood. Coming from a Christian family (although I am still working out my faith) from young, I was brought up with values such as abstinence before marriage etc. and my mum always drummed into me not to be crude and so on and so forth.

Yeah, it appears that it is the current culture or rather generation to cuss like sailors, smoke like a chimney and drink like there's no tomorrow. Sex?? It's not even really a taboo subject anymore as opposed to our parents times and their forefathers. In this so-called-modern times, there are lots of sexually active youth out there what more to say homosexuals.

My guy friends will always tell me that men have urges. Ans I would say, "as if girls don't." But I think, having the urges and YET controlling and waiting for that special someone makes it even more meaningful and well.. special.

If you keep sleeping with each and every of your bf/gf just because you are horny or turned on or it feels right there and then, then the act itself loses meaning and uniqueness. It's easy to lose yourself in the act as you indulge in your carnal desires and receive pleasure from it.

Physical pleasure yes. But with it comes the emotional aspect. That's a topic altogether for another day.

But like I said, people's mindset and culture are evolving. Just because one does not have sex, it does not make one unattractive nor a loser. If only people don't lose their virginity just because having it makes them a loser in society's eyes.

You're not... it's society who is the loser for not appreciating the inner you. Yeah, in the movie, guys mostly think about your boobs and your tush and your southern region. Perhaps 80% of guys are like that. So, does that make it right? Does that mean we, girls have to succumb to it and say it's the inevitable?

Not that all guys are like that either.Hehe. This post is getting really long winded.

Anyways, I would rate this show
3.9/5 for it's entertainment factor and happy ending! The plot is a typical happy ending and I love happy endings but it's the jokes that keeps it going.

And I think that guys like to take the easy way out and say, "dunno".

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Nigelais said...

So fast blog! Haha!

JenKin Yat said...

hor! didnt say hi to me!

- Yatz -

~dolly~ said...

visiting u again..
i wanted to watch that movie also..
plus your rating so high.. ^_^

goingkookies said...

nigel: haha.. yeah.. but was sleepy while blogging so the ending of the post was getting rather long winded..

btw.. i still owe u a drink!!

yatz: next time i wil sure say hi ya!! regret no take pics with u guys!!

dolly: HI!! thanks for dropping by.. dropped by ur blog too! =p

the movie will be out in cinemas soon.. tmr i think!! haha.. but dun have too high expectations la ya..