Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Are you a Tim Tam? or Latte? or Coffee?

INTERESTING FACT: Did you know that the length of your hands/arms is equivalent to the length of your height???!! If you don't, try and measure. That's what I did with my sister and brother!


My dad brought down this little furball last week and my sister was SO taken with it. Hence, we decided to keep it for a trial run to see if we would want it's stay to be permanent. It can be rather chubby and being a puppy, cuuuuute! However, it can't replace Patches. In fact, it's in a total different league all together!

Last week, when I got back from work early, my bro and I took it for a walk to the park nearby. It definitely is a little bundle of energy!!

It runs...

It flies...

It LOOOVES chasing moving objects... especially LEGS! I had to resort to the above to avoid getting my legs clawed and nipped at. Bah.

It has it's moments.

This is how you get it to stay still. Hence, a not so blurry picture! Among all our dogs that we've ever encountered, this one is very focused. I am told that it watches TV with my siblings!


Hide and seek?

Stop and stare!! It's a MALE!!!

Now, our dilemma is what to name it. I seem to be leaning towards Timmy, short for Tim Tam. My funny bro keeps quipping, "He's an Adolph!!" Why?? I don't know.

My sister wanted to name it- Cinny, short for Cinnamon! Like Hello??!!! CINNY?? what kind of name is that??!!! So UNMAN. Might as well call it SISSY!

I came back few nights ago and my family wanted to name it, "Watson". I was like, " Hello!! Cannot lar... it's my friend's bf's name!!". It'll just be so weird...

Then, I had a brainy idea!! I thought, let's name it...







But I probably would get into trouble for that.

When I told Gab my brilliant idea, he immediately quirked, "Bad najib! Bad najib!" whilst gesturing as if to smack the puppy's bottom!

Seriously, I am thinking of naming it Rover. Just to pique my petbro as his little Germie is called Rover. =p

Haha. What do you think?? Should I name it Rufus? or Timmy?? or should I indulge in my bro's weirdness and call it- Rudolph/Adolph?? I still can't see the connection though!


Dylan Phuah said...

haha, last pic. 18sx for all animals.. ^^

goingkookies said...

ewahahha.... aiyoh...

Crystal said...

Omggg so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!