Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lunchtime is Lunchtime!

PONDERINGS: Why don't we stand up for what we believe? Is it not worth the hassle?


The office phone rings, one of the employees picks up and says: "What kind of an idiot is it that dares to phone me in the middle of my lunch break?!?"

The caller shouts back: "Do you have any idea whom you are talking to...? I am the CEO of this company!"

The employee replies: "Do you have any idea whom YOU are talking to?"

Perplexed the CEO mumbles: "NO!!!"

The employee heaves a sigh of relieve and say: "Thank goodness for that!!" and hangs up.

Wahaha Hahaha.....very smart employee!!


~dolly~ said...

HAHAHAHA.. it’s my office culture also..
But we are complained BEFORE picking up the phone or just let the phone rang and died there..
The employee is really smart indeed!!
*thumb up*
Hahaha.. real case ar?

goingkookies said...

haha.. i have no idea if there was ever a real case BUT i wouldn't be surprised if there was... =)