Saturday, September 12, 2009

Money, come to me...

UNANSWERED QUESTION: Should we name it, Timmy? Or do you think I would get into trouble for naming it Najib? *snicker*


Haven't been feeling up to mark this past week. I wake up in the morning to a heavy head, nose feels flu-ish and my throat feels a bit phlegmy. I constantly feel a pressure over my head. At times, it'll go off. And as I thought I get a reprieve, the pressure returns with a vengeance.

Is it due to lack of sleep? Lack of water? Or could it be due to the worries that I have? I am happier as my last day in my firm draws nearer...though it is many more days to go. Somehow, since I got back from my holidays, I've been having this niggling thought of being unemployed and not having money to spend. How to pay my handphone bills? My insurance? My petrol? and most importantly... HOW AM I GOING TO GO SHOPPING??!!!

Besides, colleagues and friends are constantly having outings or yam cha sessions and this requires money! Networking requires one to have money!! Perhaps I should start packing lunch box to office this week. How the mighty has fallen. *hehe* Not to say that I was mighty to begin with.

Today, marks the last day of my fellow colleague, Kris, who is also my college/uni mate. I wonder what are her exact thoughts? I think, it is safe to conclude that she definitely won't miss work. Who will??!! Then again, another colleague known as AUSY probably would.

And this leads me to think of my upcoming farewell...

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