Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What's my name???!!

NEWS: OOOHHHHH.. earthquake in Sumatra caused tremours throughout Malaysia approximately about 6.15pm as reported in THE STAR.


Poor guy still hasn't gotten a name yet! Since I blogged about it HERE.

Everytime I say,"Eh, he really needs a name and A.S.A.P!!" and I would go, "Timmy..." or rather "Tim Tam!!". Suits him well, I would think. Don't you think so?

My sister would jump in and say,"He's my dog, so we're calling him Brownie!!" and before my brother can say what's on his mind, I would interrupt him and say,"Nope!!We're NOT calling him Adolph!!".

Hence, it is still nameless. SERIOUSLY. Doesn't he look like a Tim Tam? I feel like he deserves more than a common name like Brownie but still....

UPDATE: My bro has come up with a name that I think is cute, unique and suitable.. FLOPPYJACK! what do you think?

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