Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dinner at Vary Pasta, DJ again!!!

RANDOM: Thinking of doing a series on "Kooky Mondays" where I post just one picture for thought and "Thankful Thursdays" to be thankful of something in my life. Hmmm...


On Saturday, my sister craved for Vary Pasta's delectable food and hence, we headed to Damansara Jaya for dinner... again!

The thing with menus are that they offer a whole lot of variety of food. However, me + choices don't go hand in hand. I'll flip the menu from page 1 to page 2 to the very last page only to turn back to page 1 to see what's being offered and wonder... "what should I have??"

Besides the wide array of food selection, my sister and I feel that the pricing of the food is rather reasonable as compared to other cafes or bistros that offer western food dishes.

They even serve mock-tails without alcohol though. Hence, it's called mock-tails and NOT cocktails. I get why it's called mock.. but why cock?? I wonder. HMMMM....

This round, for drinks, boring and unadventurous me settled back for my orange juice where else my sister decided to give watermelon juice a try. My orange juice wasn't as thick as the week before where I raved on the awesomeness of it but it was still alright.

My sister had calamaris for starters whilst I was busy snapping pictures ie the pepper and salt bottle in the above picture and also the juices. And as I reached over for a calamari, the plate was gone! POOF!

"Where's the calamaris?? Did you finished it all?? without leaving any for me!!" I wailed incredulously appalled and annoyed.

She replied nonchalantly, "Oh. I finished it and they've cleared the plate. You didn't say you wanted any."


Moving on, her fish and chips came first and I was stealing a portion of her fries until she said, "hey, you're eating a lot of my fries!!"

HAH. Take that. That's for finishing the calamaris without offering me any! =p

Nah. Just kidding. The fries were quite tasty and while waiting for my food to come, my mouth was itchy, hence, the stealing of fries.

That day, I decided to try Spaghetti with garlic and herbs with the choice of chicken ham or mushrooms. I chose chicken ham. At first, the spaghetti tasted rather dry but after mixing it with the tomato paste (similar to the bolognaise sauce) serving at the side, it was better.

Definitely a change from my typical Carbonara order. If you know me, there are several things I tend to only order wherever I go such as....

1) Teh Ping/Ice (coffee shops)
2) Ice Chocolate (western food shops)
3) Ice coffee (only in Australia, Malaysian ones are VERY different)
4) Carbonara (western food shops)

I know!!! Fattening right??? And then after eating all of these scrummilicious food, I'll complain I am fat! =p

Anyway, this shop is rather easy to miss as it's not very big or conspicuous. It's situated on the road facing Atria, the KFC side. If you're still unsure, you definitely can't miss Coffee Connection, which is the same row as the famous Claypot Chicken Rice and the Lotus mamak.

Vary Pasta is just behind the Coffee Connection road. You can walk there from Coffee Connection through the side lane. Fairly simple to get there. If not, you can give them a call as shown in the receipt below.

Not only is the food reasonably priced, it's tax free and NO service charge!!! How awesome is that???!

So, what are you waiting for??? Go try it out and tell me your experience!

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kenwooi said...

looks good.. haha..
damn i feel like having supper now.. =P

Simon Seow said...

I see got knuckle in the menu, this place got pork one ^_^?

kellster said...

i celebrated my birthday there last year ;) hehe

goingkookies said...

kenwooi: haha.. go go try it!! one day meet up go there makan!! call my cousin too! =p

simon: haha yes they do! they also serve bacon the right way- pork version.

kellster: yeah i know!! i googled the shop and came across Yatz's post on ur bday!! =)