Monday, September 21, 2009

My theory on the average me

THANKFUL ME: I want to just say that I am thankful that I have a loving and caring boyfriend.


Do you know that your mind is a very powerful thing? Whatever you input into your mind, you output through your thoughts, actions, physical and mental state. It shows in the way you speak, how you carry yourself and interact with others, how others are drawn or stay away from you. And whatever you tell your mind, that's what you'll be.

As for me, I have always though of myself that...

I am not that smart to be seen as a geek or genius BUT neither am I too dumb to be considered stupid.
I am not that fat to be lumped into the
obese category BUT neither am I thin to be deemed as slim.
I am not that short to be taken for a dwarf BUT neither am I tall enough.
I am not that hideous looking to be poked fun at as ugly BUT neither am I Chun (Pretty) enough to turn people's heads.

Hence, my conclusion is that I am average. In fact, I almost started a blog called average jane!! But... the reason why I am average is because I limit my mind to think so. And when I keep thinking that I am average, I just BE average and nothing else unique nor fantastic nor special.

Therefore, in order for a change, I have to tell myself that I am chun! I am smart! and I can do it!! OMG!! That sounds So bimbotic and vain.

But whatever it is
... it's just a matter of time. Just you wait and see... the new me.

Or rather, a better me! =p


soolynnie said...

mmmm... Hi, Lynnie II. Hahhaha. I'm saying about the thinking I am chun and smart and I can do it! Hahahah

goingkookies said...

wahhaa.. lynnie 2?? wahahha

Crystal said...

Hey babe you're so right. It all starts in the mind - every woman, no matter how beautiful, has some flaw they don't like. But the one asset that no amount of make-up and plastic surgery can bring about and that always looks good on ANY woman is self-confidence. So keep that head high! ;)