Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Feeling emo.. so, SUE me if you don't like it

SOMETHING ABOUT ME: I put on in 2 weeks, DOUBLE the weight that I lost which took me 2-3 months to accomplish! DARN IT!


Feeling blue again. Must be the post holiday syndrome. Coupled with the fact that I miss my bf terribly. Long distance relationship (LDR) really SUCKS! I would know. My relationship with the bf has been 1/3 LDR.

Gosh. I miss huggies the most. SOBs.

Anyways, you know you're not missed nor needed in and out of office when:

1) You don't get any updates from fellow colleagues NOR friends.

2) You don't get any calls/sms
(then again, you might not even know if there even was a call/sms when you have misplaced your sim card)

3) When someone asks if you're going to so and so's farewell party and you didn't even know there was one to begin with.

4) Basically just on emo overdrive and being sensitive about every little thing. Then again, it might be that or your wonderful aunty who decided to drop into town for a visit.

Drat. I hate emo rants. Feels utterly useless and pathetic.

Anyways, who knows... I very well might be next to be arrested under ISA for "my-pissed-off-at- Malaysia-government and politician's juvenile antics" post here and here and here.


Fumoffu said...

Awww.. *hugs*

goingkookies said...


Anonymous said...

1) Eh, I did update you during those few times I saw you online what! Can't blame me if there's nothing much to update!

2) Overseas. Calls are expensive for us, smses are expensive for you (to reply).

3) *shrugs* Might be the same reason as #2, but I don't know.

See, E? It might not be that you're not wanted. After all, weren't we glad to see you when you returned? :)

goingkookies said...

who on earth is ANonymous???

1) no one blaming you la.. doink.. whoever you are!!

2) understood!

3) bleh

haha must be a colleague and yes. u were glad to see me?? if i knwo who u r...