Sunday, August 30, 2009

Malaysia truly boleh

SOMETHING ABOUT ME: I always put on about 4kg from my Aussie trips and take forever to lose it! DARN IT!


Seriously, Malaysia REALLY boleh! For ALL the wrong reasons!

Just came across Magickriver's blog post on Muslims in Section 23, Shah Alam's immature behaviour. They beheaded a cow's head and left it as a warning regarding the construction of Hindhu Temple at the area.

I am sure there are other forms of protests. The way they went about expressing their feelings are just plain disgusting and basically no respect whatsoever. It's just disgusting!

Why is it that they are always asking us to respect their religion, their beliefs etc but they do not extend the same courtesy to other races and religion? Why is it that ONLY certain people get arrested under ISA for inciting racial disharmony when the very blatant culprits get away scot free??

AARGHH @#$%^&*(

When will Malaysia get into the media for newsworthy reasons?

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