Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Brisbane Day 1

RANDOM FACTS: Nose boogers get hard and annoying when you're in the air!! Makes you want to say 'whatever' to social graces.


Once again, I am here... in Brisbane!!!

Where you see blue clouds, beautiful seas and friendly people!! And I ALWAYS enjoy myself here with the bf, the lifestyle and easy goingness. Then again, the mother is here this time. So, things aren't as free and easy as my previous trips.

Took off from LCCT last Wed night on Airasia and reached Coolongatta, Gold Coast the following morning, 7am. The bf came late though to fetch us. However, the super bright and blue skies greeted my mum and I.

Typically her, whilst I attempted to contact my bf, my mum aka the big baby disappeared to look for maps. As a child, she would latch on to my hand. Now, she the big child disappears off on her own without any warning leaving me to hunt for her!!

Anyways, when my bf reached in his Korean friend's car, we headed off to Surfers Paradise which is about 20minutes away from the Coolongatta Airport. As we were looking for a parking spot, we came by the below...
BUFFET!! and only for AUD10!! Being typical Malaysians, we headed there for the awesomest breakfast that is definitely value for money. Plus, the fact that the THREE of us were beary hungry!

This shop is facing the beach and hard to miss. The breakfast buffet consists of poached eggs, bacon, sausages, toasts, grilled tomatoes, baked beans, potato gems, cereal, honey, peanut butter jam and free flow coffee/tea.

The below is a pic of the scrummilicious food that I had... YUMMY and SLURP!!

After our scrumptious breakfast, we had a walk around Surfer's. It was basically us taking in the beach that was filled with people tanning themselves, the scenery and the surroundings. Every time I brought out my newly bought sleek and black Ixus100IS, my mum will whip out her latest Sony Ericson handphone to take pics, too!

I just love taking pictures of the trees cos they look different from the Malaysian ones and figures, statutes and monuments that you'll see as you get around.

It would seem that ever since I landed in Australia, I've not had time to blog. Darn it. So much to tell but no time to tell it AT ALL!! This is the best I can do for now.

So stay tune folks. Don't give up on me. Keep coming back for my postings!!!

Next up... EKKA!!
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kenwooi said...

ahh brisbane.. read alot about it on fumo's blog.. never been there before tho.. haha.. =D

goingkookies said...

haha. u should go..

take advantage of airasia's cheap or rather more affordable fare.

her bf;s studying there where else mine has graduated and is looking for a full time job.. =)