Sunday, August 30, 2009

Brisbane Day 2 at EKKA

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Today marks my last night in Aussie and am feeling rather down at the thought of having to part with my bf once again. And this time, we're both unsure when we'll meet again. Such is life and long distance relationship (LDR).
I figured that being here on holiday, I would have time to blog but it seems that I have had so much to do that I have not been able to sleep before 12am at all!
Anyhows, here is the long overdue post on EKKA that I promised.
Thursday the 13th of August was my second day in Brissy and finally, I made it to EKKA. For the past 3 years, I've not been able to make it to EKKA as I came mostly in July where else EKKA's held in August every year.
EKKA is basically like a carnival/funfair with rides, food and games AND is Brisbane's Royal Show. Each state has their own show as in carnival ie Melbourne Royal Show and Brisbane is no different.
My bf and I woke up and walked to the Morningside (a suburb about 20-30min bus ride to City) train station for a ride to EKKA.

My bf was browsing through the magazine to see what showbags that EKKA was having this round. Last year, my bf tormented me with pictures of his purchased showbags of Mars chocolates and toys.

AND we finally reached EKKA which was at the RNA Showground near The Valley, otherwise known as Chinatown. It was a beautiful day with a beautiful weather. Sunny and yet cooling. We headed to the poultry section with chickens and then horses and chicks, ducks, geese and sheep.

After that, we took the cable car/skyway and had an overview of EKKA. It was amazing. People were tiny from up there. Tents were colourful and plentiful.

Then, we headed for the roller coaster section. The thing about EKKA is that one has to pay entrance fee of AUD23 for an adult ticket. If you're a student and thus eligible for a concession ticket, it'll cost you AUD17.

The setback is, for every ride at EKKA, you'll have to pay if you want to ride it unlike Genting Highland's theme park where entrance fee is a one off payment including the rides. Some of the rides are insane... and aptly name is the 'Insanity' ride. It truly looked INSANE!

Finally, we made it to the Showbag Pavillion where all the goodies are at! There were many booth. Don't have any pictures to show as my camera ran out of battery. One of the many booths were Cadbury offering goodiebags filled with chocolates and other Cadbury products for prices ranging from AUD4-12 depending on the combination one picks.

In the end, my bf and I bought 3 showbags from Cadbury and won a present from a game. Overall, it was a fun day.

If you're ever in Brisbane towards the end of August, check it out if you have a thing for carnivals!

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