Sunday, August 2, 2009

The reason for blogging

Something about me: I've always wanted to go into fashion design just like Jenny Humphrey of Gossip Girls. But if you see my dressing, you'll wonder why.


Someone asked me why do I blog? Well, let me tell you my history of blogging and the reason I blog.

It all began in 2003 when I started my first year of Uni at Metropolitan, Subang after completing SAM at Taylors. Mind you, my TER (Tertiary Education Rating,I think) was 85% above. So, please don't assume Metropolitan College people are Taylor's rejects which used to be the MISconception. However, it is the truth for perhaps a certain portion of people.

Ok. So back to why I started blogging. I started blogging at from October 2003 onwards. It was more of a personal diary only it wasn't in hardcopy but rather online. I blogged about Uni, friends, issues, how I felt about things and yada yada yada. Then, I disclose the URL to some people and I think eventually it got out to other people that I didn't even know were reading.

Frankly speaking, it was a really depressing blog. Full of melancholicness. Rather a lot of reflection done but in a pessimistic way. I guess, it's just my true temperament acting out. And I blogged there til end Dec 2007.

Things just got worse at work for me from mid 2007 onwards. Bosses were alright with me. I was ok with my colleagues, then. It was just about the work. I never liked it from day 1 but family obligations made me stay. And now, it's been 3 years and 7 months! And I am still here and I still abhor it. The politics. The people. Reality, in other words. Making my cynical, jaded and well, disillusioned.

Anyhow, I found out someone from office was reading my depressing, dark and gloomy blog. And I didn't really like it. It's one thing to blog and people you know, reads your blog. It's another thing to blog and people who may not really know you or DON'T know you, read your blog. and people just tend to judge you based on your blogs; on How you blog and what you say.

So, I decided to privatised snoopnynuts and eventually, I stopped blogging. Somehow, after several months of no blogging, I started again ás I love to write, I guess. So, I tried out WHY? Because they offered the option to privatised a particular post if the blogger so decides to. And then, I came across Nuffnang and how it's possible to earn a side income from it. And it interest me.

Eventually, I decided to join Nuffnang but as I wasn't sure how to incorporate Nuffnang with Wordpress, I switched back to blogspot. And hence, was born.

What am I trying to say in this super chiong hei (cantonese for long winded) post???

You read so much about people trying to increase traffic in their blog just so that they can get more potential $. Well, I, too got suck into all of that jazz. Tell me, WHO doesn't want money, right??

The good part was, I sort of "cleaned up" my act and adopted a more positive outlook. I mean, WHO would want to read a super depressing blog, right? All doom and gloom.

And that's the main reason why I am blogging this today. First and foremost, I blog cos I love to. It's an outlet to express my thoughts and my feelings. And secondly, if I get side income out of it, even better!!

So GUYS, when you pop by for a visit here, do click on the NUFFNANG ads either ON THE TOP of this blog or ON THE LEFT hand corner or usually AFTER the first post on this page. Clicking it would be a great support to me but not only that, the ADs are ACTUALLY quite interesting I would say and maybe what you're looking for. What with events, competitions and promotions on stuff ie New Zealand Ice Cream, Nescafe drinks MTV concert etc.

My blogging style has also changed somewhat in the sense where it's not as personal and as open as before. I really do try to be as open and personal but sometimes, people may misconstrue what I blog about and perhaps may even think I am referring to them when it may not be the case.

It's easy to say,"Screw you people and what you think..." but at the end of the day, unfortunately, this is not me. I can't say that. So, I will try to blog on more personal, heartfelt issues when I can and PLEASE, if you know me personally, don't use this to relate to anything that may be going on in my life with you. It just wouldn't be fair.

So, people, blog because it interests you and NOT just for the money. And if people like what they read, they'll come back for more. Of course, bloggers who are famous get more traffic. Sensational and controversial topics that are sex related or political or radical will of course attract more people to come.

Whatever it is, just don't lose the real aim of why you blog and make sure it has substance.

Money maybe MOST things but it definitely ISN'T everything!


kenwooi said...

haha nice history about you blogging.. you know why i blog?? coz of you cousin jason la.. he started a blog.. then i followed him.. haha.. that's why i blog!

i dont really blog so much about personal life.. more of my toughts.. trying to make things a little more interesting.. =P

all the best!

btw: if you use a self-hosted wordpress.. you can have ads.. of course.. you have to pay..

i just migrated to a self-hosted wordpress! nice stuff! =)

goingkookies said...

haha.. wah.. didn't know my cousins o influential.. but he hardly blogs nowadays right?

haha.. i would like to blgo about personal life.. but sometimes its abit hard.. some ppl will read it n dunno.. come to their own conclusion of things..

haha.. shall check ur blog out..