Saturday, September 5, 2009


MY TAKE ON LIFE: I was joking with my lawyer friend to run for Prime Minister and I would vote for her. Her mission would be to get rid of corruption and snatch thefts and of course motorbikes!!! She said I should run instead since those are topics close to my heart and am passionate about it!

I just read Little Cicak's post and was getting riled up on how he was stopped by policemen and questioned for JUST CHATTING in his car and was requested to go to the police station. He stood up for himself instead of paying a bribe which was probably what the policeman's intended when he was trying to intimidate Little Cicak!

I also came across JOEY.JOEL.DAVID's blog on how her dad got stopped by policemen wanting under table money when her dad was innocent and did no wrong!

The audacity of it all. Come on. Everyone knows that the policemen have been EXTRA hardworking this past month with all their roadblocks in a lot of areas. One would think it's because they're hardworking and am trying to curb crime. We all wish la.

NO! instead it's all because they want some money for their Raya celebration. For those who don't know, Raya is the Malay's New year celebration. If you want the money, earn it honestly. Don't go hinting for bribes or arresting/ intimidating people just so you can get bribes.

My colleague mentioned that her bf was stopped a few backs and it so happen that he left his wallet at home. The policemen asked him to go home and get his wallet and asked him to return to pay bribe, too!

I've heard of a case where drug dealers were arrested near the Taylor's College in Subang few years back. We all know that in Malaysia, it is an offense and punishable with the death penalty. However, the drug dealers got off by paying under table money of RM100k. I heard it from someone who knew someone who knew or knew people who knows those drug dealers. So, it should be fairly accurate.

Besides that, my bf's friend was involved in an accident couple of years back and he had to bribe big money to the policemen. Like seriously! It's just so sickening, all this corruption.

It's bad enough when you have stupid politics at the work place and all but to constantly hear stupid politic-ing in the government and such behaviours from our policemen WHO ARE supposed to be protecting us.

If only they are this dedicated in curbing crime. There are more petty thefts, more snatch thieves, more break ins. But is anything being done about it??!! What's the point of having a government that is NOT for the people??! Instead, they continue the current Chief Police's contract although CRIME RATE has GONE UP and now down!

Last year, I went up with a friend and his friend to Genting. On our way down, I was rather surprised at my friend's slow and careful driving as he usually speeds and drives rather reckless. He said he didn't want to be SAMANed (receive a fine) but despite that, he was still stopped and obviously the stupid policemen was asking for a bribe with his, "macam mana?" question. If it was me, I wouldn't pay the bribe!

Which this reminds me to last year when I was sent down to Johor Bahru for a few months for work. One Friday night, my friend and I was headed back to Petaling Jaya. As she was really tired, I drove her car while she slept. I admit, I was driving past the speed limit and wasn't street smart yet as it was my first time driving long distance.

We were stopped just about 1 hour away from PJ, if not mistaken about Senawang or is it Rembau area... and the stupid policemen was asking me thousand and one questions if I was a student etc. and he said, "macam mana?". I said back to him, "saman lor." Obviously he wanted a bribe. I admit it was my mistake and I rather pay the stupid saman then give it to that jerk.

That's why Malaysians... don't pay BRIBE!! And if you're innocent, stand up and fight back! Don't let these assholes so-called-policemen-with-anti-rasuah-badges intimidate you for something you are not guilty of.

Such an embarrassment to be a Malaysian at times like this. Malaysia TRULY boleh right? Once again, BOLEH for all the wrong reasons.


kenwooi said...

i was stopped by police officers too..
but they did nothing.. lol.. =P

Anonymous said...

Well, some people would say it's better to pay the policeman in the street than to pay a saman which'll enter the pockets of the Chief Police and/or corrupt millionaire politicians.

goingkookies said...

kenwooi: u lucky guy

anonymous: true also.. that has occured to me.. but for me, i guess it's about my principles.. most times, i think if in the spot, i would be tempted to also bribe..

but i guess, the values instilled by mum would stop me from doing so. plus, if i m speeding, my fault la, i broek the law anyways.