Saturday, September 19, 2009

My holy secret

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Everyone has secrets hidden somewhere in their closet. Perhaps some are buried deep inside and yet some are just prancing around, wanting to be out in the open.

For me, I have had this secret that I have been keeping for a long time. My pet brother deems it, my "holy secret". To think about, it's actually been a VERY looong time since I've had this secret. So long that it probably dates back to more than 3 years. I can safely bet that it perhaps date back almost up to 10 years! That, I kid you not.

The very thing is, I would like to tell someone about it. Not because I can't keep a secret but more so because of this secret, I have been holding back. A LOT. You have no idea. And it's been keeping me shackled in my very own prison. A prison without wars to break free from.

And in order to move forward, to move on, I need to tell this secret out. BUT it's not a secret you can just blab out to any Ahmad, Ah Beng or Muthu. It needs to be said to the RIGHT person. A person who can help. And the other problem is, I need some answers before I can confess out this holy secret of mine.

I wonder when that would be...

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