Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy 9th anniversary to you!!

My boyfriend kept bugging me to check my email today,

While I was at work. (client's place didn't have internet access though)
While I was at the gym.
While I went to collect the shoe cupboard that eventually couldn't fit into the car!

and so, I finally reached home and checked my email. An E-card was waiting to be read and these were his words...

Happy Anniversary to you dear!!! (2nd June 2009)

Its been a wonderful 9 years
Feeling so proud of us
Losing you is all I fear
Delighted to be your first.


Lame poem but I take no offence
It rhymes tho, even if only a few
Thanks for sticking with me thru my nonsense
Muaks, and I love you.

Happy anniversary to us,
Happy anniversary to us,
Happy anniversary to Clement and Esther,
Happy anniversary to us.


My boyfriend is SO going to kill me when he finds out that I've pasted his corny poem. Teehee Although it may seem corny or lame to some people but I always find his poems amusing and cute. Or at least it brings a smile to my face =)

We've been apart for the past 3 anniversaries. Him, being in Australia and me all the way in Malaysia. LDR truly sucks! But we're still going strong and that's good. Definitely not an easy feat. So, to all couples out there, treasure your partners everyday and make everyday count!

I would like to blog more but I got to do some work I brought home. Sigh

Dear goldfish,

Through all the ups and downs,
the good and the bad,
the times when you make me feel like bashing you
and the times when you make me want to scream at you...

all i want to say is...

thanks for all the hugs and the kisses,
the encouragement and advises...
for being ever caring and patient...

but no thanks for the heartaches ya..

Thanks for being my friend, my confidante, my other half.

Love, Eeyore.

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