Monday, June 29, 2009

Yummy cheesecake...

My friend and her partner recently started out their durian cheesecake venture and being her friend, of course must five some support, right??

Few weeks back, she brought some to office for tasting and had pretty good feedback on her yummilicious cake. So, despite not being a durian fan whatsoever, I went ahead and ordered one! She, however decided to surprise me with a different cheesecake as I was suggesting she could attempt making strawberry cheesecake or oreo cheesecake and even try a hand at baking Tiramisu!!!

So, I excitedly rushed over to her place after dinner today for my surprise cake.


The outside.

Overview of cookies and cream cheesecake.

Does look mouth watering, eh?

In smaller pieces...

My family and I had our helping to 2/3 of the cake and I am bringing a few pieces to office tomorrow for my colleagues to have a try.

The cake is not too sweet (which is good for those who don't have a super sweet tooth!) nor is it too cheesy. Some people would prefer it to be cheesier like my family. However, I think there are those who don't like too rich a cheesecake. At the end of the day, it's a matter of preference. Ooooh.. yeah.. one more thing to gush about, I love the cookie bits at the bottom of the cake!

The cake weighs at 800gms and is going at a price of RM35. I think that it would make a nice birthday cake for a small party say, about 10-15 people. Although only a petite piece per person. Then again, most girls ALWAYS want a smaller piece with the exception of me. Making me feel like a hippopotamus for wanting a generous slice! Bleh.

Presentation: 4/5 (Simple and yet classic, just lessen some cookie bits on the top)

Taste: 4/5 (Yummy! but would prefer a richer cheesy taste)

Pricing: 4/5 (RM35 for that size, plus, a cheesecake, is pretty much reasonable.)

Anyway, I can't wait for the durian cheesecake tomorrow!! So, stay tune for the next review!

By the way, check out her blog, CHEESE TEASE (on the left side of this blog underInteresting Sites) for more information.

Ps: I am not getting paid for this review nor am I receiving any commission. It is my humble opinion and of the other guinea pigs which was my mum, sister and brother! Ordinary people like you and me.


JC said...

ohhh thanks darls, check out the blog for a suprise on the Oreo Cheesecake :) <3 said...

wahh niceeeeeeeeeeeee!!! =D