Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!!

Every year we make resolutions.
Some make them and stick to them 100%.
Some tries their very best,
but only fulfill part of them.

Then there are those,
Those that tried really hard but failed.
I am one of them,
For 2010, none was fulfilled.

But it's alright.
It doesn't mean I am giving up,
It doesn't mean 2011 will go on,
without resolutions from me.

This year will be different.
'Cos I won't wait for 2011
to be an awesome year,
I declare to MAKE it be one!

How did you usher in the new year?
Was it at a mall?
At a private house party?
In church? or just at home?

Mine was at home, in bed.
How sad was that.
Mr. C woke me 15 minutes before 12,
I bathed and we watched fireworks in Sydney,
on tivo!

But it's alright,
'Cos end 2011 when I usher in 2012,
I'll be somewhere fun
with my friends or family.

So, join me and let's make 2011 rock!


Kelvin said...

Happy New Year!!!

Hope u will have a great year and all ur wishes come true ;)

goingkookies said...


Thanks for the wishes =)