Friday, December 31, 2010

My 2010

Every year, I say the next year will be a better year. In 2009, I said that it will finally be my year. It wasn't a great year but at least, I pulled myself out of my depression. But I stayed in audit till October amidst some hoo haas and that took a lot out of me. After three months of 'self proclaims holiday' aka unemployment and enjoying every single second of it till the end of 2009, 2010 arrived.

I figured, with a new job and a new beginning, maybe 2010 will be a really new year for me. A happier year. A better year. But instead of better, I started out on a wrong footing, did some stupid mistakes not mentionable here but I think back now, it has made the me of today.

I think it's good for us to take some time to reflect and ponder how and what 2010 was like, what went well and what didn't, just like how we do at work after each job assignment. With that, we can hopefully learn from our mistakes and strengthen our good points and not hopefully, but with a certainty, make the following year a better one, if not awesome!

I would say 2010 was a journey for me. It wasn't an awesome year as I started the year badly but hopefully ended it on a better note. 2010 was definitely a journey of learning what I was capable of and learning to climb out of the deep holes that I had dug for myself. It was also about learning to make decisions despite other's reservations and one's own uncertainties.

First quarter of the year...
I ushered the new year with my petbrother and dentist friend in Penang. In January, I started my second job in a bank. I didn't like my work but I definitely liked two colleagues that made work bearable- Sai Fai and GV! At least, I was no longer in audit. Yeah sure, there were some good times but I just wasn't cut out for it.

Bank colleagues having a farewell steamboat for me! =)

Besides work, like I said, I made some bad moves. You'd never think that I was capable of such things, neither did I, but things happened and I was in a mess somewhat. My mum and I had heated arguments over my so-called-self-destructive behaviour and I almost walked out of home. My love life was headed to the rocks in a way. I was frustrated. I was confused.

Bur fret not, of course when one makes mistakes, we think it's the end of the world, your world. We wonder how we'll ever come out of it unscathed and unmarred. And that's just it. You don't. The scars are there to remind you what you went through, to forge on and like a warrior, the scars represents the battles you've valiantly fought.

So, despite my confusion and mistakes, I realised that 2010 was a year to learn that falling in love is not all about find the perfect person 'cos lets face it, there is NO such thing as a perfect person. It was a year about learning to love an imperfect person perfectly. And that imperfect person is Mr. C. =)

Not forgetting, I went for a friend's mother's funeral in March. It was a good reminder to appreciate my parents whilst they are around despite how they drive me insane with their mind games.

Second quarter of 2010...
I resigned from my job and left for Brisbane in May. And I finally made it to Skytrex with Gill before I left and it was torturous but GOOD! Although I made a choice, it wasn't easy moving on and letting go certain things. Worries plagued me. I was uncertain and I hate not being sure of myself. I was getting shoot at left and right by relatives and sometimes, I just want to ask them to bugger off and let me live my life. It felt as if they wanted to mould me to follow their paths but at the end, I know it's because they cared, hence, their concern.

At the same time, I liked that I didn't have to wake up early every morning to trudge to work- a job that I dislike. I woke up when I want to and slept whenever. Did whatever and whenever. It was liberating to be away from home, work, obligations, for once. But after awhile, reality sinks in.

Adapting to Aussie life...

I realised I may have enjoyed everyday doing nothing of importance but life was passing me by. Not forgetting, I somehow got hives and till now, I still have them although not as bad but it still itches if I don't eat my meds. For the life of me, we can't figure out what am I allergic to and I hope *looks to the high heavens for some intervention* it'll go away in 2011.

In June, Watched the World Cup with korean housemates at home and also in the city. for the Korea vs Greece match. No points for guessing which team we rooted for. *hehe* Went travelling with Mr. C to Sunshine Coast, Eumundi Market and Noosa Heads on top of other places after my grumbling that he didn't bring me anywhere on my previous trips to Brisbane. =p

Dabbled in cooking and finally got around to making Konyaku Jelly!

Although the good life, I missed home and friends.

Third quarter towards the end...
Hence, I was super ecstatic to go back home to sweet Malaysia for two months holiday! Before that, I had a haircut for AUD19! And the hairstylist gave me bangs, again! Initially, I hated it but then, it grew and looked better. I met the plurk gang at William's for dinner, watched movie on Wednesday for only RM6 and tried out the Geylang Frog Porrige at SS2! Wasn't with Mr. C for his birthday but hid his present for him to find.

Tuesday dinner at Vintry with the Sis.

I was always out- mornings were dedicated for my mother and evenings for friends. I had Tueday dinner dates with my sister. Went on a girls outing with The Sues. Had family outing to Perak's Clearwater Sanctuary and Cameron Highlands. Too much of something is never good and with overload of family, I made a last minute turnabout decision and went to Redang with one of the Sues and her friends (though I never did blogged about it.hmmm... another topic to blog about in future) .

Redang 2010 with new friends!

Heng dais planning on how to 'save' the bride.

September came and Mr. C came back, we hang out with his friends and celebrated his brother's wedding. Then, whilst his brother went on his honeymoon, we made a family trip on Mr. C's side to the land of smiles- Thailand!
Interesting, original floating market at Bangkok.

Last quarter of the year...
And so, all good things must come to an end- Mr. C and I flew back to Brissie. On his off days, he would cook for me. Yum! When I got back, I thought I had everything under control but there were still questions, uncertainties and for awhile, I really thought that they would never go away. And so, I prayed in my heart that God would answer them and give me a sign- He gave me two. And I made the final decision.

To top it off, I was homesick.

Besides that, I did an About Me challege for a few weeks and it was a good exercise. When I get a sign for something, something else crops up to test my faith, yet again.

November was a month filled with special occasions - birthdays and anniversaries. I had my own special moment besides my birthday but I won't disclose it just yet. =) I put my heart on my sleeves for an answer but till now, I haven't received it and I probably never will but it's alright. I've moved on. I really have and till now, I haven't regretted making that choice. I am happy with my life here with Mr. C though it would be even better if I had my friends here.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot... I went to Jason Derulo's concert!!

So, I've started wedding planning somewhat and let me tell you, all I feel like doing is running and hiding from anything wedding related. Part of me says,"let's just elope and not have any fancy ceremony" and the other half fights for a wedding of pretty gowns and tons of headaches! Received several quotes and OMG I wished I had the budget for them. =( Oh well...

Anyways, that's my almost detailed recounting of 2010. Clicked on the coloured words for the links to the related post. =) All I can say is, 2010 wasn't perfect, wasn't awesome, wasn't exactly great. It started off bad but well, I would say the ending of they year is way better than my other years have been.

But come 2011, I am not sitting on my laurels, hoping for it to be a great year because this time, I am going to make sure it will BE a great and awesome year!

So, join me and make 2011 not just a good or great year for yourself but an AWESOME one! =)

Happy 2011 peeps !!!


Euniceee said...

The year 2010 seemed meaningful to you.. ..Be positive.. Be happy, cause joy will only follow those who are thankful and grateful.

kellster said...

woah looks like a great year you had! happy new year