Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Absurd Fashion

Okay. I am no Miss Fashionable. No Miss I-dress-up-a-lot-and-look-hot-in-everything-I-wear.

But oh-puh-liz, there are so many fashion out there that is just plain absurd and yet, we see celebrities wearing them. And just BECAUSE celebrities wear them, everyone else wants them. It's deemed cool, hot, fashionable when all it does is that it maims you- your physical body ie legs and your pockets!

Not forgetting your emotional state of how you MUST, MUST get this or that just so you'll look 'fashionable' and 'cool' when all it does is it makes you look silly! But hey, celebrities are working the look, the models strut their stuff, they must know something.

And hence, you buy things normal people wouldn't buy. You buy clothes or shoes that look like crap, that make YOU look like crap OR you look hot and fantastic but the shoes may hurt like crap, the dress may cost you an arm and a leg.

But that's peer pressure for you. The pressure to look good. The pressure to be cool. The pressure to be fashionable. And that's facts of life unless you learn to love yourself for who you are and be comfortable with how you look - you'll always crave other people's acceptance - you'll succumb to this ugly circle of life.

This Victoria Secret model looks alright but can you imagine yourself in it? Nah.

OMG. CRAZY SHOES!! and only crazy people design and wear them!

Cute but crazy?!
Lady Gaga shoes on sale?! Try wearing them and see how long your legs live.

More crazy cow shoes...

Not exactly crazy, absurd but which will you actually buy to wear?

Er... sailor? er...doraemon without the pouch?

OMG!! what on earth is this? Two furry shitzus wrapped around legs??!!

Erm... harlem pants gone wrong? Doesn't matter if it's designer pants from Viviene Westwood or what not...

More GAGA shoes HERE.


Y E N C H E N G said...

lol. hm. i guess runway fashion isn't quite practical. anyway i clicks on ur ads :D

goingkookies said...

haha... but people still drool over it. =p thanks! heading over to urs now...

Kelvin said...

I don't understand wats with those shoes lol. I got a friend spending all her money on high heels and 60% of them are not worn even once.

goingkookies said...

kelvin: seriously? here, in Brisbane, the shoes are super HIGH! my leg feels pain just seeing the height of the heels.

i dunno why girls would subject themselves to such torture just to look good...

i even saw a girl in her primary or early teens wanting the super chunky and super high heels!

nothing wrong with high heels but essentially, they have to be comfortable.

Zazabong said...

Hmm I love heels but not the kind tt is very tall or those chunky shoes coz its painful. I always thought that its bad to hurt our feet like that, so my shoes are normally short heels or comfy shoes! So yea.. dont understand why some ppl can tolerate the pain.

Average Joe said...

these shoes are what i call 'imba' hahahaha. anyway, the last picture (red shoe) it TOTAL EPIC.

hahahahaha. if i ever seen someone wearing it in the street i would stare at it for like.. whole day?! HAHAHAHAHA

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