Friday, December 24, 2010

Ribbets Fine Food in Brisbane

My aunt has been raving about this place called Ribbets for like ages. It seems that they have an all you eat offer like a buffet, serving ribs, pastas and pizzas.

Yup. ALL you can eat. Definitely a good deal for big eaters. Hence, in July before I went back Malaysia for my holidays, Mr. C and I along with Ah Lih and Jay made our way there.

From the outside, it's not really impressive. Nothing fantastic to shout about. It's a pretty small shack, or so it looks.

Instead of the all you can eat buffet for AUD30, you can opt for their ala carte. Check out their menu and prices HERE.

Whoa. AUD99 just to eat their metre pizza? No thanks. I'd rather just have the all you can eat deal and eat as many different tasting pizzas as I like. =p

This is the inside part of the shack. If I am right, it probably only has about 10 tables, each serving 4-8 people depending on table size.

We were given complimentary fries as we browsed through the menu and placed our orders.

There were lamb ribs, pork ribs and beef ribs. We had a plate of each to try and loved all three. I think the lamb was the best where else Mr. C preferred the pork. Then again, he and Ah Lih are super crazy pork lovers. They want to have bak kut teh for Christmas eve dinner tonight!!! Urgh!! And if you know me, you'd know how I detest BKT!!

Simple and quirky deco

I looove the carbonara. It's not amazing but I was craving for some pasta.

Awesome idea. Freeze some water in plastic cups and it works as ice! Genius!

yummy Pizza! Dang! I forgot what's it called...

Overall, ambiance was just average, a 3/5. Service is also 3/5, the person who served us was friendly but we had to wait for a bit for our ribs to come out. Food taste wise, I would give it a 4/5. It's not like the best food ever but for the price you pay, bring an empty stomach ie skip lunch and you'll have a value for your money dinner!!

Mr. C's friend totally regretted not coming citing that AUD30 was pricey initially but after he saw my posted pictures on FB, he declared that he regretted not coming along and he'll definitely join us the next time we go! Haha.

Ribbets Fine Foods
3846 3333
167 Annerley Road Dutton park,
4102 Queensland,

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Hilda Milda™ said...

Those ribs sure look good!

Y E N C H E N G said...

oh god peperoni pizza! awesome ribs too. gawwd im hungry

goingkookies said...

hilda: it sure does!! just that all the ribs are in the same sauce.. but besides that, it's pretty much worth it if one can eat a lot =)

yencheng: haha.. if u ever come to Brisbane, tell me, i'll bring u guys here =)