Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shingle Inn and Beach House

Last Friday when I was feeling better from my bout of sickness, Mr. C and I went to Indooroopilly with Hoong for tea time. It felt good to be out of the house. A break from lying in bed all day long. There were some occasional visits from Mr. Pain but for most times, he was gracious and did not make an appearance. =)

I have been wanting to try out the coffee and cakes at Shingle Inn for the longest time after Mr. C's former colleagues gushed about Shingle Inn's cakes. Seeing that we had a coupon from the Brisbane Entertainment Book for a "buy-a-hot-drink-and-a-patty-and-get-a-hot-drink-and-patty-cake-for-free" deal, we decided to try it out.

I like the ambiance. It's like old school English style in Victorian times. The colours used were warm and ooze of cozy feeling. The lady who served us however, left a sour experience for me. She was not the typical friendly Queenslander who usually chirps "how are you today" and welcomes you with a smile.

In fact, she came off a little arrogant in her abrupt and brash manner. Don't mind me but it was my first time and you can't fault me for NOT knowing what a patty cake was. Besides, it wasn't as if there was a long queue behind us. If I was not wrong, there wasn't anyone behind us! If there was and she was in a hurry, I could excuse her.

Come on, you're in the servicing customer industry, if you can't smile or treat me courteously, then please get a different job that doesn't require you to. Maybe I am making a mountain out of a molehill but her lack of warmth kinda ruined my happy, warm feeling I was getting from the interior decoration.

The picture of the patty cake I took seems to have disappeared. Anyway, it really isn't anything much to shout about. The patty cake was dry-ish but I admit, I enjoyed the coffee icing on the Coffee Patty cake but that's about it.

I wouldn't recommend a second visit but that place is bursting with people even near to closing time! Maybe I will go to a different Shingle Inn for a better experience, hopefully. And perhaps, a better tasting cake.
See, it is so cozy compelling a yawn from Mr. C!

Next, we headed to the city to see the supposedly huge Christmas tree at King George Square for it's "lighting" ceremony. We weren't the only ones with this brainy idea. The sea of humans were pretty overwhelming with fathers, mothers and their little children, friends with partners etc. covering any spaces available. Some parents even had mats out for their little tots to sit on and play with some toys whilst waiting.
The ceremony started at 6.45pm but instead of turning on the Christmas lights first on the tree, they had some aboriginal performance, making some buzzing, vuvuzela like kind of noises. We were too hungry to wait further and besides, we really couldn't see much of the stage what with a throng of hands held up with phones and cameras, clickity clicking away and some lucky children on their poor dads' shoulders blocking our line of vision.
Hoong was craving for steak and we decided to try out Beach House Bar and Grill at Myer Centre which is situated at the corner of Albert and Elizabeth Street upon Mr. C's recommendation. He had only been there once with his friend, Phong but the impression he came away with was good.

There was a live band that night, like most nights. I like restaurants or eateries with live bands. I feel it adds some character to the place and boy was Beach House packed! Quite a crowd made up mostly of international students.
The music was a tad loud leading people to talk louder, in their attempt to be heard above the crooning voice of the singer and the strummings of her guitarist. I reckon Mr. C is an old man 'cos he says he can't stand loud music as he can't be bothered to yell to be heard. Hence, Hoong and I did most of the talking. Well, more of me since Hoong's tummy was crying to be fed.
Hoong's Chicken Parmigiana (AUD16.90) looked delectable, making me wished I had ordered that instead. Crisp crumbed skin topped with melted cheese and Napoletana sauce wrapped over tender, juicy breast meat accompanied by chips and salad. Definitely filling. The big portion would be able to whet two girls appetite or one really hungry gentleman!
I had the Chicken and Mushroom Risotto (AUD17.90). The first few bites were tasty and fragrant but the oil made the last few bites hard to swallow. It is tastier than International Hotel's Chicken Breast Risotto but it made me feel "zhai" where else I could finish ALL of International hotel's. Sluurp!
Mr. C had the Rump steak but it was a real let down. He ordered his meat to be medium done as we don't really like our meat to be raw and oozing with blood. However, it was definitely OVERdone, making the meat dry and not fun to be chewed at. And to pay AUD24.90 for a tough tasting steak leaves one to feel the lack of one's money's worth.

All in all, the food is alright but we won't be coming back here any sooner unless it's for the Monday's Steak night deal going at AUD8.90 or for Wednesday's buy one get one free which is only available at Garden City, nearer to where I live.

After our heavy meal, we went for a walk. I was SUPER excited seeing that Starbucks here in Brisbane also offers the Toffee Nut Frapucino during Christmas. I thought it was only offered in Malaysia just like how Malaysia's McDonalds offer Spicy Chicken McDeluxe but not the mackers here. Funnily, when I am here, I don't go to Starbucks 'cos there are so many other cafes here that serve coffee! Besides, I am too busy with my bubble tea fix. =p
It was a nice night out to the city but I was disappointed at the Christmas tree. It wasn't that big as I thought it would be, especially with all the hype and neither was it decorated extensively with pretty ornaments. It seemed rather plain till it was litted up! But I think Malaysia has better ones.

Surprisingly. Despite Malaysia's shortcomings, it has it's good points too. =) Like nice Christmas decorations and trees in the malls.

But we all know that Christmas isn't about trees or Santa or presents and yet we can't help but get caught up in all the merriment.
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