Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Beaten and robbed by Malaysian cops over expired road tax

Apparently the Malaysian Chinese businessman in the below clip was beaten up and ROBBED by our awesome upholding-justice-Malaysian-stupid-Malay-policemen.

He was initially puller over for an expired road tax. He then told the policeman he was sorry and asked the policeman to issue the summon. Unfortunately, as he took his IC out for the policeman, the greedy, corrupted policeman saw the stack of money in his wallet and started hinting for bribe.

Summary is that the guy refused to pay bribe and was beaten up and threatened to be framed by our policemen.

Read about it HERE and also at The Star.

Such absurdity continues on in Malaysia making one wonder if we will ever truly see justice? If our country will ever be free of corruption...

Look at the Mongolian model, Atlantuya case. Everyone knows the real culprit isn't behind bars. If you believe that the case is close with the two men in jail, boy, are you gullible. It's always the small farts that take the fall and sure, why not, especially if their families are going to be looked after forever by the real culprit.

Another is the Anwar debacle. All and sundry knows that Anwar was set up. Whether he really does practice sodomy is his own business. My friend, who studied law were required to study his case and stated that it was blatantly obvious he was set up. Well, even Saiful's accusation seems doubtful and yet...

I am not for Anwar as the next Prime Minister of Malaysia but I just want justice to be served. I want to be proud of Malaysia and not feel scorn for those who 'lead' and 'guard' us. I don't want people to have to be afraid that they might be the next victim as the above Chinese guy.

Why is it that a man like Raja Petra has to go into hiding? Did he murder anyone? Hit anyone? Steal anything? Robbed somebody? Bribed or received bribes? Take the people's money and built mansions? Nope. He did none of the above. All he did was tell us, the rakyat (Malay for people) the truth.

How many cases like the above youtube clip has gone unreported? How many have been abused? Made to disappear?

A plurk friend plurked that he was issued a saman (Malay word for summon/fine) for driving in the emergency lane when it was obvious that he wasn't. He refused to acknowledge or sign off on a summon that wasn't even valid in the first place!

I read bloggers' recount their experience of intimidation by policemen with the intention to extort bribe. I, myself was a victim.

It's ridiculous that instead of feeling safe when we see a policemen, we get worried and feel the opposite. We are apprehensive that we'll be another victim of corruption.

If you ever encounter a stupid policemen, make sure you get his name and remember his police ID no. (badge no.) and please, don't pay bribes.

If there is no demand, there will be no supply.

You speed, you pay. You run a red light, you pay. For being an idiot and making a mistake, own up, be a man and PAY THE *TOOT* SUMMON!

Don't be selfish. Do that for a better future for your children and their children.

ps: I told Mr. C that I am blogging and angsty post again on Malaysia's policemen etc... so, if I disappear, you'll know why. Then again, I am not that popular like Raja Petra or Timothy Tiah or XiaXue etc. =p


HenRy LeE ® said...

if only chinese people are the policemen, they wont even bother to take bribe, sau kung straight away go home and eat dinner with wife n kids...

goingkookies said...

wahaha... good one!

aiyah.. chinese too busy chasing money.. where want to be policeman in malaysia?

if not, they would somehow turn the police force into earning force.. somehow.. chinese and money go hand in hand!

Soon Jeremy said...

Everytime I try to say I love my country and be proud of it, I say it because I don't have these "happenings" in my mind. Wonderful. Never liked policemen. If anyone giving bribe, and have no choice, just pass it to the police, but make sure it's at a crowded place with lots of traffic, AND MAKE SURE TO WAVE THE RM50 NOTE HIGH UP IN THE AIR~ =D just to let everyone know that the police is asking for bribe =) (and yes, they would be just so embarassed)

goingkookies said...

Jeremy: why not just DON'T bribe? =p