Sunday, December 5, 2010

Being sick makes me homesick

At least the sick little boy had his puppy and nice GWS cards.

Last Saturday was the night I first fell ill. It started with stomach discomfort and the pain kept me up through the next two nights. I couldn't take the pain about 5am and woke up to make a hot drink. Mr. C made for me a hot cup of milo. As the hot milo slid down my throat into my tummy, the pain eased somewhat and I thought that I would be alright. However, the pain came back.

The stomach pain persisted through the week. It wasn't a sharp pain nor was it a sourish pain one associates with gastric pains. It was stomach discomfort with loads of air trap in my tummy, refusing to budge. The worst thing, I couldn't fart, burp nor poop and I tell you, that is highly unusual as I have pretty healthy bowels.

You just feel so sick, you wish for an early and swift death.

The hot milos did not helped. Nothing did! Ectal only relieved the pain but for a short period and even then the excruciating feeling came back within a short time and with a vengeance.

According to the pharmacist, when I asked Mr. C to go consult one on Monday, I had stomach virus which her own daughter had. I was expected to recover within 24 to 48 hours- meaning Monday itself. By noon, I felt way better and it was good as it was a special occasion that I just couldn't afford to miss.

I think it was the celebration at the Korean eatery that caused the pain to come back that night. I was miserable again and in pain. Being sick made me homesick.

You see, it was Mr. C's first time taking care of a person (usually it is people taking care of him, lucky guy), even more so, a sick one and he was rather inept at it. He did try his best, I give him credit for that but when you're in pain and in 24/7 discomfit, you just want someone to make you feel comfortable and see to your needs ie. feed you on time, even if you're sleeping etc. without being told.

Makes you feel like shooting the person who isn't doing too well a job at nursing you back to health.

I had to tell him to make my honey every two hours, to make it hotter, to stock up my biscuit supply in the room, to make me porrige etc. I had to keep asking and to keep reminding. For a healthy person, yeah sure, not a problem. But my pain left me weak and in cold sweat most times, wishing for the mummy's kind of nursing I had all those time I was sick in the past.

When I was recovering but still suffering from slight pain, I noticed that when I was out sick, Mr. C did not know how to take care of himself. He didn't eat regular meals or proper ones, didn't washed the clothes and the room was in a mess with clothes and things everywhere. This showed that he has been rather slacked and dependent on my taking care of him.

It was a horrible six days laced with pain and a ban on all dairy food like milk, milo, chocolates, tea, butter, cheese etc.. and it made me miss my mummy, a lot!

All in all, I don't intend to fall sick anytime soon. *shrudder*

Some tips to help yourself in future if you have tummy pains...
1) AVOID dairy products ie milk, chocolates, teas and also alcohol (DUH!), caffeine and carbonated drinks! Fatty and oily food are NO NOs!

2) Obviously, AVOID smoking as nicotine stimulates the acid reflux in one's esophagus.

3) Eat smaller meals and occasional snacks every 2-3 hours or if the need arises ie nibbling on biscuits.

4) Don't take aspirin or panadol.

5) Drink warm water and honey constantly throughout the day.

6) Lastly, get lots of rest and sleep!

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