Sunday, December 5, 2010

Malaysia BOLEH, I say!

#1- We have awesome hackers such as the Malaysian that hacked into the US central bank branch in Cleveland. Read all about it HERE.

#2 We had our very own Queen of Striptease - Rose Chan.

#3- Muslim lovers caned for trying to have sex in the car as reported by Japan Today HERE.

Hmmmm.. what else??!

Oh yeah, check out Namewee's 1 Malaysia story below...

If you have NO idea who Namewee is, tsk tsk, you've been living a life of ignorance.

He is no Tom Cruise or Cheng E-Kin but he "shot" to fame in Malaysia for some videos of his that were deemed filled with racism slurs by the very culprits who probably instigate racism in the first place.

Namewee went on to "gain" fame with his Negarakuku song about the state of Malaysia and it's politics (in tune to Malaysia's national anthem which I think he did a good job of improving the beat) which obviously incited some unhappiness with those who well, are the very reason he sang that song. He got into trouble with the "law" for his controversial song but has been acquitted of any charges, if I am not mistaken.

Even Lim Kit Siang, a Member of the Malaysian Parliament supports him and claims that he is a uniting factor.

Ok. I admit his choice of words are crude and lack in manners but look at the big picture and you'll see a guy making a stand, saying what the rest of us are thinking.


HenRy LeE ® said...

lol... 1malaysia... all bullshyt! :S

Kelvin said...

He is my idol XD

goingkookies said...

henry: sigh.. but we are the tmr... so, it starts with us.. with us educating ourselves and our kids.. =)

kelvin: wahaha.. i think he is most.. seriously the TNB one i can totally understand lor... Malay workers always best at saying breakdown... etc.. as if that's the only answer.