Sunday, March 21, 2010

A career move

I was just browsing online and came across this last week.

For the professionals considering a career shift:
There is no such thing as a dead end. It is always never too late to try something new. Financial security may be more appealing. But when you get to the point of dragging yourself to work everyday, it is about time that you stop and think about your situation. There are thousands of books that can help you discover about yourself and what you are good at. You can also use the web for more useful information. Calculated risks and proper planning will help you find your way. Living with a purpose is definitely more fulfilling. Passion for something will bring out all the best in you.

After I completed my degree in December 2005, I started work in January 2006. My very first job- in audit. The first year was a pretty alright year but I knew right from the very start that it wasn't what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I knew I didn't want to climb the corporate ladder in that direction and that audit just isn't for me. However, due to family circumstances and obligations, I stayed and struggled for the next 3 years and 9 months of my working life there.

I wouldn't say that it was all doom and horror. Fellow colleagues were what made it bearable through the years. Even up to now, we do meet up once in awhile for dim sum and talk about the good 'ol days or whatever everyone is up to at this point in time.

Memories in audit were numerous. The first 2 years were the best.

My batch of crazy colleagues- a younger us.

"Everybody, let's do a silly picture!!" Look who's the only one who did it in the end...

Celebrating birthdays as colleagues... as friends.

Crazy moments with dares.
Well, among 2 erm... interesting ladies.

Trying to appear drunk at my first department Christmas dinner in 2006.
Someone hooked at candy at my top. Hmmm..

Erm.. interesting characters...

Torturing Orientating the new joiners in 2007.

Celebrating 2008 CNY with JB colleagues when I was sent there for a 3 month stint.

Destressing from work with karaoke session in 2008

Auditors looooove fine dining.

Miss Lyn d Bimb... a really colourful character who's also a good friend.
Definitely never a dull moment with her around.

After some mini soul searching sessions, I finally made the decision to resigned in September 2009 and was fortunate to be given an early release from serving my 3 months notice. I only had to serve one month.

Annual dinner 2008

Dim Sum session 2009

Farewell karaoke session for a sweet junior.

My farewell dinner @ Daves, 1Utama blogged HERE and HERE.

It was definitely a first. A first of making a decision for myself, for once. Thinking of what I wanted. But the answer of what to do next still eluded me. I was supposed to do some reflection on what I would like to pursue next (and not make the same mistake of doing something I hated) but one thing after another kept cropping up to fill up my time and before I knew it, less than a month into my unemployment, I was offered a job in an investment bank in the Corporate Finance (CF) department.

It took me a week to think things through. With no other job offers in hand, I took up the offer. I mean, with my current AM (Assistant Manager) position and approximately 20% increment, it was a good offer. I figured that I would have November and December to go for other interviews if there were ever such calls. But the calls never came. There were no offers.

Hence, in January 2010, I started my second full time job in Corporate Finance. Into the first week itself, the urge to resign was overwhelming. I knew that once again, I was back to square one. The difference was that in audit, I couldn't take it anymore in the 2nd year onwards whilst into my very first week of this job, I knew that I would leave. It was just a matter of when.

It is definitely not an easy call. I initially told myself, if I could persevere almost 4 years of hell in audit, what is 2 years in CF. But who was I kidding? I was burnt out. I had not healed from my experience in audit. I was not refreshed nor rejuvenated. I was just a zombie in motion.

Everyday was another day with nothing I had to look forward to. I dread sleeping, knowing that work waited the very next day. And when I actually wake up, I struggle internally to go to work. To be positive. Whatever it was, I was thankful that I had a job. That I did not have to work late like me fellow ex-colleagues who were still in audit.

But after awhile, even there is only so much that can keep me going. My colleagues at my new job are nice, friendly and jokers. But of late, I do see the other side.

Due to several circumstances, I finally made a decision of what to do. There is a lot of uncertainties surrounding this decision and many would frown at such rash decision, or so they would think. I can't explain the full story of what transpired my decision but I believe that at this point of time, it is the best alternative.

And time will only tell if it is the best or rather most appropriate call or if it's yet another mistake.

I wish really hard that it won't be a mistake but that it'll be the best decision I make in my life!

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