Monday, March 15, 2010

I see it now

I am thankful for a family.
Even if at times, appear dysfunctional. Then again, aren't we all? =p

Thankful for quirky friends, crazy friends, just-there-for-you friends, hang out friends.
Even if they take you forgranted, never-there-for-you-at-times and break your heart.

Thankful for newly acquainted friends.
Even if it means saying goodbye to old ones.

Thankful for a job.
Despite the dread and misery I go through everyday.

Thankful for a car to ferry me about.
Even if it means braving through KL jams and encountering asshole drivers 24/7.

Thankful for new found plurk friends.
Even if there are its shares of dramas.

Thankful for the mistakes that put things in perspective.
Even if it meant giving something or someone up... although I would rather it never happened.

Thankful for painful experiences to learn from.
Even if it meant hurting others and myself in the process.

Thankful for those bittersweet memories and the unanswered questions.
Although a fool, at least, it helped me to move on.

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